Premium WordPress Themes

When choosing a WordPress theme, the price often reflects the quality and features you can expect. But what exactly sets apart a $50 theme from a $150 theme? Let’s dive into the key differences.

1. Design Quality

$50 Themes:

Generally, $50 themes offer basic design elements. They are often clean and functional but may lack the polished aesthetics found in more expensive themes.

$150 Themes:

These themes typically boast a premium design, with attention to detail, unique layouts, and high-quality graphics.

2. Customization Options

$50 Themes:

Limited customization options might be available in $50 themes. You can change colors and fonts, but advanced customization might be restricted.

$150 Themes:

With a $150 theme, you’ll find extensive customization capabilities. From layout adjustments to intricate design changes, these themes allow for a personalized touch.

3. Support and Updates

$50 Themes:

Support might be limited or unavailable, and updates may be infrequent. This can lead to compatibility issues with future WordPress versions.

$150 Themes:

Premium themes often come with dedicated support and regular updates. This ensures that the theme remains compatible and secure with the latest WordPress releases.

4. Features and Plugins

$50 Themes:

Basic features and a few bundled plugins are common in $50 themes. They cover essential functionalities but may lack specialized features.

$150 Themes:

These themes often include a wide array of features and premium plugins. Whether it’s e-commerce integration or advanced SEO tools, $150 themes provide more comprehensive solutions.

5. Performance and SEO

$50 Themes:

Performance might be adequate, but optimization for speed and SEO may not be a priority in cheaper themes.

$150 Themes:

Premium themes are often optimized for performance and SEO. Faster loading times and SEO-friendly structures contribute to better search engine rankings.

The reasons why cheap isn’t always better

When buying a WordPress theme, there is always the question: Why should I buy it for $150 when I can find something similar for $50 or for free?

When something is free

Free stuff is the most expensive. You may find something completely free on the Internet but discover that it doesn’t work without an extension or a license of some hundreds of dollars. After spending a lot of time with the free theme, you start looking for other options.

When something is cheap

You may be excited about buying a well-designed WordPress theme for $50, but does it have the functionality you need? And if it doesn’t, you have to start looking for a freelancer. Of course, there are millions of freelancers, but what are the chances of finding a good professional from the start to get the work done? The answer is: very low.

When something costs $150+

When something is created to bring value to one’s life it cannot be cheap. Buying a WordPress theme that costs more than $150 you acquire:

– Free support
– Functionality
– Regular updates
– Demo website

Free support

It is easier to ask the company who owns the software products rather than searching the Internet for information (before or after you buy the theme)


If you want to create a website that helps you make money, that website must do something. Functionality isn’t something you can easily find on the market. It is complicated, it involves many hours of studying and working on a product, experience from having other customers and an appetite for programming.

Regular updates

WordPress is a platform that is constantly improving, updating. You must keep your theme up to date. Select a WordPress store that provides this service.

Demo Website

It is essential to always try before you buy.

Custom work

Choose a store that offers custom programming services because the creators know better how to work with their product. Freelancers will promise you the moon and the stars to get your money. Be wary of who you put your faith in.

SiteMile is a marketplace for Premium WordPress themes such as:

WordPress Auction Theme
Pricerr Theme
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And many others to come. You can see all our products here.


While $50 WordPress themes provide a cost-effective solution for those with basic needs, $150 themes offer a more robust and polished experience. The investment in a premium theme can lead to better design, customization, support, features, and performance. Your choice should align with your specific needs, budget, and the goals of your website.

SiteMile’s WordPress themes are premium because they are created around functionality. We offer unlimited support, regular updates and demo websites for all of our products. If one is interested in custom work, we offer that too. As a result, the themes in our store are an investment rather than an expense.

For further information on the subject, you can contact us here.

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