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Pricerr Microjob theme update compatible with wp5.6

hey guys, we just released an incremental update, on our pricerr microjobs theme, with a few optimizations to fix a few bugs and optimise a few things here and there. The biggest issue that was resolved in this update, were … Continue reading

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Freelancer Theme Coming Update v4.5

Hello guys, we are announcing a new significant update (more in design) of our loved freelancer marketplace theme. The update, we hope to be released sometime in december 2020. See below a sneak peak of our newest update:

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WordPress Microjob Theme update – pricerr version

Hello guys we have released another update for our loved microjobs theme, pricerr theme, after a period where we have released several smaller updates. The last few updates we did for this theme, bring up a lot of optimizations, and … Continue reading

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Food Delivery App – customer example

Hello guys, this is a post about the process of setting up and programming a food delivery app for a company. The app (and website too if needed) will be used by couriers to deliver food within a specific country … Continue reading

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Project Theme Update v4.2.4

Hello guys has been a while since we havent released an update (3 weeks, :D) and now since we have worked very hard in past few weeks, we are pleased to let you know we have released another update on … Continue reading

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Microjob Pricerr theme use case: instagram and youtube influencers marketplace setup

hello guys, today we are presenting a use case for our microjob pricerr theme that we custom made for a customer of ours. Its about creating a marketplace for instagram influencers, where users/influencers can post their services to attract companies … Continue reading

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Microjob Pricerr theme update v6.3.3.7

Hello community, we are pleased to let you know we have just released another update of our pricerr wordpress microjob theme, which makes it even more stable than it was before and also more refined than ever before. It is … Continue reading

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Launching Auction Theme v7.0

Hello guys, we are very close to launch the new version of the auction theme at end of this month. The new version was completely rewritten from ground up, with better and more robust features, which will make this auction … Continue reading

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Launching project freelancer theme child themes package

Hello today we are releasing some new exciting features for our project freelancer theme. Along with new great features, we have released the child themes package which gives the possibility to our customers to have different looks and design for … Continue reading

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Shipme Theme update v2.2.2

hello guys, we have launched a new update on the shipme theme that solves a lot of the previous issues and also solves some layout bugs and many improvements since the update we released last month. For a complete list … Continue reading

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