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Buy the WordPress Freelancer ProjectTheme

  • Freelancer ProjectTheme BASE Version

    This lets you run unlimited websites but offers none of the extensions. See the things you will miss here. To get all these and the base theme together, see the PRO version below. Updates are free for the first year, then a $19 yearly fee must be paid for updates and support.
  • Freelancer ProjectTheme PRO Version

    This lets you run unlimited websites and also includes all our extensions. This is a one time fee. All the future updates will be free for the first year. Also there will be a 19$ fee after the first year to get access to updates and support.
  • I do not need the theme, I already have it.

    Choose this option when you have the theme and only want to buy one or two extensions extra.
  • Scroll at the bottom to proceed to payment options page.
  • Stripe Payment Gateway

    Add stripe as payment gateway to your site. Support major credit cards.
  • Payoneer Payment Gateway

    Adds payoneer payment gateway for your freelancers to withdraw funds
  • WordPress Project Theme Disputes

    Lets your project owners open disputes for the projects they needed done, and were not completed by the freelancer.
  • Affiliate features

    Get affiliate features into your site. Let users promote your website, while they make a small commission on each sale they bring to the site.
  • Payfast Payment Gateway

    Add payfast as payment gateway to your site. Support major credit cards. Also Rands (ZAR) as currency.
  • Project Milestones

    Lets you split the payment for your project into milestones.
  • Map Radius Search

    Provides a map, and a way to search by zip code/address based on radius(km/miles).
  • e-wallet Escrow

    Allows escrow to be done with the e-wallet/credit system.
  • Live Chat Users

    Lets users have a livechat inside the website/theme.
  • Voguepay Payment Gateway

    Add voguepay as payment gateway to your site. Also adds nigerian naira (NGN) as currency. For nigeria market.
  • Payumoney Payment Gateway

    Add payumoney as payment gateway to your site. For indian market.
  • Braintree Payment Gateway

    Add braintree payment gateway to your site.
  • Mollie Payment Gateway

    Add iDeal, iDeal Mollie, Sisow to your site.
  • Quickpay Payment Gateway

    Add quickpay payment gateway to your site.
  • Mangopay Payment Gateway

    Add Mangopay payment gateway to your site.
  • Paystack Payment Gateway

    Add paystack as payment gateway to your site.
  • Pesapal Payment Gateway

    Add pesapal as payment gateway to your site. For African countries (Ghana, Nigeria, Zambia, Kenya) markets.
  • CCAvenue Payment Gateway

    Add CCAvenue payment gateway to your site.
  • WordPress ProjectTheme Memberships

    Gives membership option to users
  • RTL Language Project Theme

    Have rtl orientation (hebrew or arabic language) for your site using the project theme.
  • Rave payment gateway (by flutterwave)

    Rave payment gateway ( by flutterwave ) for african countries, supports multiple currencies.
  • User switch for Project Theme

    Lets your users switch between freelancer and buyer from their account area.
  • Contests Module System

    Lets employers post contests, similar to the idea you find on Freelancers submit their designs/work before bidding.
  • Stripe Connect Marketplace

    Adds stripe connect module to project freelancer theme
  • Twilio SMS Notification

    Adds twillio api to send sms notifications for users along side with email notifications (default)
  • Services/Jobs Module

    Lets your users post services they offer on the website that uses the project theme.
  • Invoice System

    Generate pdf invoices for taxing purposes, for the customers. Customers will download the invoices from their account.
  • 2checkout Payment Gateway

    Adds 2checkout payment gateway to the project theme
  • User Notifications

    Shows the user the notifications about chats and messages. Facebook style message notifications for the user.
  • Paytabs payment gateway

    Adds paytabs payment gateway to your theme, for the Middle East.
  • Razorpay Payment Gateway

    Adds razorpay payment gateway for India market
  • Installation and Configuring by our experts

    We will install the theme from scratch for you and import the demo data.
  • Work 15hrs Custom

    We will do 15 hrs of custom work for you, to setup, and modify per your liking your website with anything you want done at it.
  • Child Themes package

    A number of different designs/child themes that makes the website look different.
  • Android App

    We will create an android app for you and deploy, or help you deploy in the Google Play Store. The cost can go up if you want some custom features.
  • iOS App

    We will create an ios app for you and deploy, or help you deploy in the AppStore. The cost can go up if you want some custom features.
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