To choose a wordpress agency, then you need to look for a web design agency with relevant WordPress experience. And that means any website agency that can have a good portfolio building WordPress websites. Or even the ones selling WordPress themes and plugins, can do custom WordPress sites, and ultimately be the best WordPress agency you can get. Also an important aspect is the size of the team, and to be able to handle the project that you need. Our agency is one of the best WordPress agencies, and you can see our services list. Read more about WordPress development agency process.

Do web agencies use WordPress?

Yes, web agencies do use WordPress in their customer’s websites. And that because its super easy to use, and its very easy to expand the functionality. Also with WordPress is easy to create custom developed websites, because WordPress developers are high in numbers. And that is because WordPress is so popular as it powers over 35% websites of the world. And the wordpress agency pricing can be better than a regular website agency.

What does a Web agency do?

A web agency designs, and creates custom websites for customers. And an agency has a team that can handle design, development, implementation and testing. When a project starts it can be split in various milestones, and development can be done in stages.

Is WordPress losing popularity?

WordPress is not losing popularity, and au contraire is quite the other way around. Because in the past 10 years, the usage of WordPress has increased a lot. And in 2023-2024 there are over 35% of the websites in the entire world using WordPress. So bottom line is increasing in popularity and not losing it.

What is a WordPress freelancer?

A WordPress freelancer is a WordPress developer that can do freelance development work on WordPress websites. Along with development, he can build the architecture of a new theme or a new plugin. And he can do custom plugin development and custom theme development.

Why do you need a web design agency?

You need a web design agency because the resources are plentiful and the agency team can handle much more complex projects. And its much better than freelancer development as an agency can fulfill more project levels like: designing , implementation, programming, testing, customer support and software consultancy.

What can I expect from a web design agency?

You can expect a different way of working and building a website, than working with a freelancer. And you can expect a more professionally built website, and much better after sales support. Also you can expect to sign a contract before the start of a project, and make sure the project will be completed successfully. And also a lot of web design agencies work with WordPress, so is good to look for the best wordpress development agency.

How to choose right WordPress development agency

The right WordPress development agency is easy to choose and it consists of two key factors: the expertise of the team, and also the customer support and ability to handle the projects with you. So we think that you need to check if the web design agency has great communication and expert web development.


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