Hello guys, when it comes to building classified ads websites things are quite clear. You would need to use a php classified script, a classified website builder, or some sort of classifieds software to launch your own classifieds as website. But there is one other aspect after you create your site: how to make money with it. This because every business will need a way to earn money. This is very similar to gumtree, or craigslist or even ebay classified. Creating online classifieds has never been easier. You will find the Classified website features list in the linking articles below.

What are the Types of classified advertisement ?

There are several types of classified advertisment, and here they are:

  • selling something, marketplace, sale and purchase
  • rent classifieds (apartment, housing)
  • education purposes
  • job classifieds
  • missing persons

So we have established that building a classified ads website has a good motive and that is making money online out of it. And here, there are several monetisation options or methods. First is to charge anyone that posts a listing in your site for a listing fee. Thats the most simple thing you can do, and it could be very effective in many cases. As well as charge some additional fees to charge the customer extra. These costs can be monthly basis, or yearly basis. Follow this article if you want to know :  how to create a classified website with WordPress and find out how to create the best classifieds advertisment site.

At first is better to go for an easy solution building your classifieds website , like a Turnkey classified ads website solution. Because getting the best classifieds software is almost impossible. With anything you would get some drawbacks and some advantages. But things can be fixed or improved down the road anyway. You can also ready about the best classified ads theme.

So, getting back to the monetisation problem of such classifieds website, you could have the site with free classified ads and charge some other way. Like display google ads or any other type of ads, and make money out of ads, or affiliate sites. Of course you need to think on the SEO aspect too when choosing the best php classifieds script. You can read more about the seo aspect here.

Best methods to monetise a classifieds website

  • Charge per listing, charge each time someone posts an ad in your site, or marketplace website
  • Charge a subscription, charge each month for posting a fixed amount of ads
  • Create a free classified ads website, and display ads on it
  • Charge for premium profile badge or checkmark
  • Read more about other methods of making money

And remember , if you are looking for the best classified script or best classified template, you should no further and check this article. This classified ad software has all the tools to create your website. Better then osclass and oc classifieds and better pricing too. Launch your classifieds platform today without any more hesitation.


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