Set Up & Security Questions...

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Set Up & Security Questions...

Post by Anyname » Sat Jan 13, 2018 12:00 pm

Hi Fellow SiteMilers,

I'm a newbie and I appreciate all the support provided here. I have browsed through this support and learned many things. I am in search of a way to set up my site in similar fashion to Any assistance on how to do this & what SITE FEATURES OR WORDPRESS PLUGINS I can use to accomplish the following would be greatly appreciated:

1. Affiliate Feature - I want to be able to pay Affiliates 25% commissions
2. Plugin That allows me to charge a monthly fee for Contractors/Bidders
3. Plugin that allows me to charge a different amount for different categories. Possibly even make some categories free for people to bid on while charging more to bid on other categories
4. Charge for other features for posts.
5. Be able to charge a different fee for listing (e.g. Base Listing Fee: $0, Featured Listing Fee: $2.99, Sealed Bidding Fee: $3.99, Hide Project from Search Engines Fee: $4.99
6. Be able to charge a set percentage of 8.99% per project
7. Be able to set minimum withdraw to $5
8. Be able to give a 7 day free trial period to all contractors.
9. Be able to email contractors jobs they would be interested in bidding in real time as they are posted by someone who may be seeking their services.
10. Be able to Enable 2 user types: No (I want all users to have the ability to post jobs and provide a services for others)
11. Enable Credits/e-Wallet so that I can issue FREE credits as well
12. A security plugin that will block bots from trying to infiltrate the site... something that will block an IP address if their is forced entry. Maybe even a security feature that will add Captcha to login after 3 failed attempts to log in.

Again, thanks in advance for any and all assistance with my list above.

Warm regards,


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Re: Set Up & Security Questions...

Post by BKing » Sat Jan 13, 2018 2:59 pm


All what you have requested can be achieved with Project Theme and you can set the pricing related questions in the Pricing and Custom Pricing Theme Options, the requested plugins from pint 1-2 are included in the Extra Developer License of the theme, so if you upgrade to or purchase the extra developer license you will get access to those plugins from your SiteMile account. A Security plugin what I can suggest is Wordfence or Sucuri Plugins, please check those out if they fit your needs.

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