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Multiple item checkout

Post by ahill » Wed May 02, 2018 3:54 pm

This has been requested by many since I purchased this theme a few years ago. It is absolutely critical that there either be a shopping cart added or the ability to integrate the won items page with one.
Adding a checkbox to each item to allow a single checkout can not be that difficult. If you think about how absurd it is to make a customer complete a checkout for each individual item they win and the complete inconvenience it makes for the customer, you have to see how that can drive new and potential customers away. There is no eCommerce solution that requires a customer that buys multiple items to complete multiple checkouts.
Then we have the seller, who is losing money if they are using PayPal to process payments as each transaction carries a .30 charge for each transaction. eBay would never have succeeded had they implemented checkout system like this.
You keep saying over and over that it has been added to the list and it might come in the future but it never does. I am begging you. This needs to be a priority.
At minimum an option for those of us that use this theme as an auction house with ourselves as the only seller to enable multiple item checkout.

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Re: Multiple item checkout

Post by andreisaioc » Mon May 07, 2018 4:52 pm

we are working at an update for this, but its quite complicated to get around the fact that in the card can be auction items and buy now items. How do you suggest to solve this situation ? only leave the buy now items to be added to cart ?

plus the items can come from different sellers, so how would the payment be done ?

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