How to Market your website?

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How to Market your website?

Post by kpereja » Sun May 29, 2016 3:34 am

Hi all,

I would like to know how you have launched your website successfully.

1. How do you interest users into registering or posting tasks or services on your website? or use your website for auction, classified ads etc?
2. What online marketing strategies or gimmicks did you use?
3. Promotions?
4. How do you promote your website or the value it gives to the user like extra income etc to make them want to use your service or platform?

Any other suggestions?


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Re: How to Market your website?

Post by AsianHighwayNetwork » Sun Jan 01, 2017 5:18 am

7MillionJobs employment program selects sitemile Pricerr Theme to launch worlds largest tourism development project. Sitemile's Lead Software developer Andreisaioc received payments to complete the search functions on 1st of 200 WordPress Multisites designed to assist all 32 Great Asian Highway Network participating countries desiring to bring up to 7Million part-time sustainable tourism jobs to local residents free of charge.

The Pricerr Theme and how to use it will appear in a weekly 1/2 hour TV series where 3 Judges review, discuss and issue prizes to 1st, 2nd & 3rd place sellers with the most interesting promotional video. With 29 categories of tourism activities, the 7MillionJobs TV series will always have fresh videos, will always attract local citizens wishing to quickly & easily sell services to tourists. By using the Multisite feature and providing the same basic concept to the 32 participating countries along the GreatAsianHighwayNetwork, tourists will quickly discover how easily they may locate almost any desired tourism experience. Tourists seeking unique one-of-a-kind experiences can easily pay to upload a gig request video explaining their needs. Gig requests automatically being promoted on the Help-Make-My-Dream-Vacation YouTube channel opens unlimited possiblities.

"This project promotes and supports the United Nations World Tourism Organization's goals and is expected to be adopted by member countries in Asia, Africa, Australia and Pan America to become the #1 source tourists and job seekers refer to. With weekly TV shows in each country there is almost nothing to prevent success after the software development has been completed ", said Mr D.K. Mason, Chief Development Officer, Tourism Div, Asia-Pacific Region, AsianHighwayNetwork, the sponsors of the program. Future Television show Guest Judges and anyone interested is invited to join the discussion forum at

Twitter @AsianHighwayNetwork (1st website) (Asia participating countries)

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