You might wonder what a wordpress expert consultant does exactly ? Well a wordpress consultant is like any software consultant, but only focused on wordpress based websites, themes, plugins and even custom development. Because wordpress world is quite big, as wordpress itself is the most famous CMS. And it powers over 35% of the websites in the entire world. That means at least a few million websites are done with wordpress. That is pretty big isnt it ?

Of course thats quite big, and starting a wordpress website is quite easy to do. But people ask themselves if this is the best way to do any type of site. Or if they have already a wp site, then how they can take decisions to create better content, optimise, increase google page speed. And even do custom web design and development for their sites. Thats why they need a wordpress consultant, and what better place to get that than a wordpress design agency, or a web design agency. Our sitemile agency offers services for many types of businesses and in many areas of the world like: Perth WA, London UK, New York US, Calgary Alberta, Toronto Ontario or Vancouver BC, Chicago IL. To consult a full list of the areas that we support and work with seo and web design, see the services page.

What does a wordpress consultant do ?

A wordpress consultant knows the ins and outs of using a theme or a plugin against other themes. Also they can tell you what type of wordpress hosting to use. And even do customisation work on your current themes and plugins. They can also work with woocommerce and anything thats related to setting wordpress, like hosting, and seo too.

Basically with a consultant you will have an edge ahead any competitor on the market as the wordpress experts know already the best practices and how to deal with various situatios and what will be the optimal way to start.

Get a consultant for your project from the best wordpress enterprise agency. For businesses all over UK, Australia, Canada, USA and others. Get a free price quote for any wordpress agency services.

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