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Woocommerce WordPress Auction Plugin

The super capable auction plugin has been designed with one main purpose in mind: to let the users launch an auction website within very short time, basically minutes from purchase.
We have packed it with great shortcodes and functions , so your job setting it up will be quite easy. Also we deliver a plain theme with it (in the upper tier packages) that will make working and setting up a breeeze. Launch a wordpress marketplace site.
This elegant and multi purpose plugin will help you launch your ecommerce or online auction website today!

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About the auction plugin for wordpress

Are you looking for a powerful and versatile solution for managing auctions on your WordPress site? Look no further than the Sitemile WordPress Auctions Plugin. This feature-rich plugin offers a comprehensive set of tools and features designed to help you create, manage, and monetize auctions on your WordPress site with ease.

With real-time bidding, automatic auction closing, and integration with popular payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe, the WordPress Auctions Plugin makes it easy to set up and run successful auctions online. And with customizable auction templates and easy integration with other WordPress plugins, you can create unique and visually appealing auctions that stand out from the crowd.

Whether you’re looking to sell products, services, or digital goods through auctions, the WordPress Auctions Plugin has you covered. With its intuitive interface and easy-to-use tools, you can create and manage auctions with minimal effort, while also providing a seamless and engaging experience for your bidders.

So why wait? Start using the Sitemile WordPress Auctions Plugin today and take your auctions to the next level. With its powerful features and easy integration with WordPress, this plugin is the perfect solution for anyone looking to run successful auctions online.

Online Auctions

Launch an online auctions website, very similar to wp auctions. With our amazing auction bidding plugin, you can even get reverse auctions similar to ebay auctions.

Manage Auctions

The plugin comes with a great admin dashboard from where you can manage auctions. Post your own auctions like a simple auctions or specific auction site. Customers just place bids.

Auction Page

Each auction item has its own page, where users can bid and see the auctions page details. The auctions can be sealed auctions or live auctions. And it has a countdown timer and live bidding.

Users Register

Users will register your website and post their own auction product, either regular or silent auction. The buyers will search for the auction products into your wordpress website for auctions.

The main features of The Woocommerce Auctions Plugin


Several Payment Gateways

We offer multiple payment gateways (with the PRO version) from the most common ones to the most specific ones (for countries like India, South Africa).
Among the most popular gateways that we support are: Stripe, PayPal, Stripe Connect, Payfast, CCAvenue, Skrill, Authorize and many others.


Integration with any theme

Works with any wordpress theme as the woocommerce auctions plugin comes with shortcodes and predefined pages. All ready for you to deploy your website and start custimising withing minutes from purchase. Also we can provide any customisation help and services for any modifications.


Auto bidding

The wp auction plugin comes with auto bidding feature. This feature allows the user to set a maximum amount, and the system will automatically bid for them if they are overbid. It uses smaller increments to automatically bid for you.


Monetisation Tools

The plugin allows you to charge for listing any individual item or featured item. Also make money out of your auction website with the commission feature. Charge a percent commission from each final sale. Everything can be done through the e-wallet.


Escrow Supported

Payments are done through the platform escrow. The sellers will only be able to request for withdrawal after the buyer has confirmed the receipt of the product. The internal escrow and ewallet system controls everything from releasing to withdrawing the funds.


Themed Dashboards

Our plugin comes with specific widgets for using into customers and sellers dashboards. You can setup different dashboards for the two types of users: seller and buyer. Also this is good for b2b type of businesses.

This wordpress plugin comes with all the tools needed for you to launch a complete auction website. With a great amount of features, this is the most feature rich auction plugin for wordpress on the market. We also do customisation work if needed for our wordpress auction plugin. Do not hesitate to contact us or buy the plugin directly.

Is this the ultimate wordpress auction plugin

This auction plugin for wordpress can be considered the ultimate auction bidding plugin, yes. Because it has all the needed features like: product submission,
shortcodes for buyer and seller dashboards, form builder, monetisation tools, escrow, e-wallet, credits feature, payment gateways and so much more. And the support you get is awesome.



Can this be the best wordpress auction plugin ?

You can say that it is the best wordpress auction plugin because it comes packed with all auction features that are needed to launch your own auction website. But more important than that, it can work with any theme. And it comes with awesome support from our team. There is nothing worse than bad support in a product. And that is why
we offer the best support in the industry for a similar product. Also we offer an auction theme, and if you want to see a comparison between: auction theme vs plugin.


Can this be the best wordpress auction plugin ?

You can say that it is the best wordpress auction plugin because it comes packed with all auction features that are needed to launch your own auction website. But more important than that, it can work with any theme. And it comes with awesome support from our team. There is nothing worse than bad support in a product. And that is why
we offer the best support in the industry for a similar product.

Can this create auction website with WordPress?

Absolutely, yes! The main purpose of this wp auction plugin is to create your own auction website with wordpress. And making this process very easy, and providing strong and consistent updates and support. Only that way even the beginner user will be able to handle this process. We have detailed the process of creating a site like eBay in another article.

Couldnt we use Wix or shopify?

Well , the short answer is don’t. But you can read more about why launching an auction with wix or auction shopify isnt a good idea.
Because the best thing you can do is launch your own auction website which can be done perfectly with our plugin. You will own the website , the database and the customer base without sharing it to a third party. Because this is the best wp auction plugin.

Get the ultimate wordpress auction plugin

With our auction plugin you can easily add auctions to your wordpress website or woocommerce sotre. It allows you to add auction products, as well as it allows
your users to add their own products. And they can also set the bidding time, and manage their auctions using a user dashboard. There is no free version, but the price is so affordable that it doesnt matter that much.
And the plugin comes with Paypal and Stripe payment gateways, and using woocommerce, it also allows you to setup a multi-vendor plugin and site. That way the sellers can auction their own products on the platform.


One of the best auction plugins for WordPress out there

We really think that our plugin is amazing, if not the best auction plugin for wordpress. Because it has all the needed features to launch a website like any other auction site, for example bringatrailer (of course for that you need custom web development).
But also you can launch a similar website to eBay, where you can have a multi seller website.

Key Features of the WordPress Auction Plugin

The WordPress Auction Plugin is a powerful tool for anyone looking to create and manage auctions on their WordPress site.
Here are just a few of the key features that make the plugin stand out. And make this plugin the best auction plugin for wordpress on the market:

Real-Time Bidding

One of the most important features of the WordPress Auction Plugin is its ability to handle real-time bidding. This means that bidders can see the current high bid and place their own bids without needing to refresh the page or wait for updates. This creates a more dynamic and engaging auction experience for users, and can help drive up bidding activity and prices.

Automatic Auction Closing

The plugin also includes an automatic auction closing feature, which allows you to set a specific time and date for your auction to end.
Once that time arrives, the auction will automatically close and the highest bidder will be notified. This can help streamline the auction
process and reduce the need for manual intervention.

Integration with Payment Gateways

To make it easy to collect payments from bidders, the WordPress Auction Plugin
integrates with popular payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe. This means that you can easily set up payment processing for your auctions,
and bidders can securely and conveniently pay for their purchases right from your site.

Customizable Auction Templates

Finally, the plugin includes a number of customizable auction templates that you can use to create unique and visually appealing auctions.
Whether you want a simple and clean design or something more elaborate, the plugin offers a range of options to help you create the perfect auction template for
your needs. Because this is truly a wordpress auction script.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to do auction on WordPress?

You can build an auction website with wordpress either by installing the wordpress auction theme or using this auction plugin. Because these come
with the perfect and all needed features out of the box to launch your own auction website using wordpress.

What is auction plugin?

Auction plugin is a piece of software that you install in your wordpress website and obtain an auction website. Or at least auction functionality on top of your website
where you could use other plugins, like woocommerce. So this is really the best wp auction plugin.

How do I create a free auction website?

A free auction site can be created with either the auction plugin or the wp auction theme. And the auction features are present out of the box and you can launch a free auction
website within literally minutes from purchasing this plugin.

How do I make a simple auction site?

A simple auction site can be created either with the wordpress auction plugin, or with the wordpress auction theme. And because these come with many features
and they are ready made to be deployed, you can have an auction website created within minutes. So just try with wordpress and you will fine.

What is an auction plugin?

An auction plugin is a software extension that allows you to add auction functionality to your website. It enables users to bid on products or services, with the highest bidder winning the item. These plugins are often used on e-commerce platforms like WordPress to create an online auction environment.

How do I add an auction plugin to WordPress?

To add an auction plugin to WordPress, follow these steps:
1. Log in to your WordPress admin dashboard.
2. Navigate to ‘Plugins’ and click on ‘Add New’.
3. In the search bar, type the name of the auction plugin you want to install.
4. Click ‘Install Now’ next to the plugin you want to add.
5. After the plugin is installed, click ‘Activate’ to start using it.
6. You may need to configure the plugin settings according to your needs.

What is the best plugin in WordPress?

The “best” plugin in WordPress can vary depending on your specific needs. However, some of the most popular and highly rated plugins include Yoast SEO for search engine optimization, WooCommerce for e-commerce functionality, and Jetpack for site security, performance, and growth tools.

Which WordPress plugin allows users to sell products?

The sitemile auction plugin is widely recognized as the best WordPress plugin for selling products. It provides a complete e-commerce solution, allowing users to list products, set up a shopping cart, and process payments. It’s highly customizable and supports a wide range of product types and payment options.