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Cutting Edge Premium WordPress Themes

We create more than themes, we create wordpress apps.

wordpress premium themes
  • Cutting Edge Premium WordPress Themes

    We create more than themes, we create wordpress apps.

    wordpress premium themes
  • WordPress Pricerr Theme

    The #1 wordpress theme for micro job sites. Launch in minutes.

    The best wordpress theme to build a micro job website. Create your website in minutes. Selling tasks and services can be done with just a few clicks with our turn-key solution. Without the need of any extra plugins, Pricerr is the best solution for the novice and professional webmasters.
    WordPress Pricerr Theme
  • WordPress Classified Ads Theme

    Build the best classified ads website on the fly.

    ClassifiedTheme is a Premium Wordpress theme that lets you transform your wordpress website into a genuine classified website. It is a turn-key solution for the novice user to set it up without any problem and without needing any additional plugins. Responsive as well.
    WordPress Classified Ads Theme
  • Responsive WordPress Auction Theme

    The world's best and most used auction theme for WordPress.

    The best and most popular WordPress Responsive Theme that transforms your wordpress website into a genuine auction website. It comes with plug and play functionality without the need of any other additional plugins. Turn-key solution. Reverse Auction Too.
    Responsive WordPress Auction Theme
  • Buzzler Business Directory Theme

    Responsive wordpress business directory / listing theme

    Buzzler is a premium listing theme. A perfect business directory theme and software for small and medium business owners. Comes with geo tagging capability, predefined listing packages and many more. A turn-key solution!
    Buzzler Business Directory Theme
  • Walleto WordPress Marketplace Theme

    Open your own, fully featured, marketplace website

    The newest and most powerful wordpress theme for turning a regular website into a fully featured marketplace website. Each user can have his own shop and sell his products to other people. It even supports digital and downloadable good marketplaces. A real turn-key marketplace solution.
    Walleto WordPress Marketplace Theme
  • ShipMe Shipping Carriers Marketplace

    The complete solution for a transporters/deliveries marketplace

    Our theme lets you have a complete shipping carriers marketplace website within minutes. Fully featured and complete package. Turn key solution for your needs.
    ShipMe Shipping Carriers Marketplace
  • WordPress Project Bidding Theme

    A faster improved way to launch job / freelancer websites.

    The best wordpress theme which allows you to build a freelancer website, or a project bidding, chores, task website from your wordpress blog. Launch a job or freelancers site in minutes. The perfect solution for the professionals but also for novice users. A real turn-key solution!
    WordPress Project Bidding Theme
  • Quality Source Code


    All the SiteMile premium themes have a quality written, well commented, and open code. The code is not encrypted so you can make your desired changes very easily.

  • Complete Solutions


    Our custom wordpress apps and themes offer complete business solutions, like auction and classified ads systems, ecommerce, group buying, and many others.

  • Stunning Support


    We offer to our users complete and full support and documentation for all our products. From installation guides to custom tricks, everything is offered unlimited for you.

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  • Plug & Play


    Our wordpress apps and themes are plug and play and you do not need any other plugins or other custom scripts to run them. Just push them in and you are ready!

  • SEO Optimized


    Highly SEO optimized wordpress themes, putting your business up in top rankings in the first days from launching. Also the themes and the frame work come with great seo tools.

  • Total Control


    With our themes you are in total control. Change from backend logos, colors, widgets, and layout. Anything you can think of, our apps have it. Child themes, and hooks too.


Customer Testimonials

As a newcomer to the world of Wordpress, i didn`t know what to expect or who to trust. I have found SiteMile to provide great quality themes at reasonable prices an provide fantastic support! Highly recommend SiteMile`s products and services. The new Auction Theme is awesome & looking forward to the release of the Pricerr Theme.

Amanda Mcewan

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