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Sitemile Reviews

In this page you will find some of the reviews from our past and happy customers. Also on request we can give you a lot of other information about our themes and sitemile reviews for any of our themes. Read our previous customers comments below:

Andrei and the Sitemile Team are on the ball! You’ll have fixes to any bug issues, rapid response to any questions or concerns you may have, plus a cool theme to start making money with! What more can you ask for? I HIGHLY RECOMMEND SITEMILE!!
Ken Golaw

I demo-ed site mile’s auction site for my customer, creating several user accounts and demonstrating buying, selling, bidding, and closing auctions and their feedback was that it was just like ebay. They are very excited to move forward and all their questions have been answered due to site mile’s customer service and quick answer to questions. Andrei fixed an issue with outbid notices to wrap up customer’s concerns and move the deal forward. If you’ve used ebay, you’ll like the sitemile auction theme.
Marisa Porter

After searching a script for online auctions, I found auction wordpress theme, the best on the market. in addition the Sitemile team is Professional and available. Thank you about that.

I have been looking for a theme to offer our Travel Industry a simple and effective Advertising Platform and after much deliberation settled on Sitemile’s Classified Ads Theme. It is so easy to use and yet so powerfull with everything you need built in. Just simply install, customise and Rock and Roll. One good thing that I must point out is that the support service is outstanding. I had a small bug and within 5 minutes after sending my support ticket the bug was fixed.
Thanks Guys for a superb product.
Mark Garzancich

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