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By joining the SiteMile Membership Club, you get access to everything we offer. Its a better option than buying each theme individually because its much cheaper. If you purchase the professional membership, you will end up saving over $2,000 in the instant, and save more $$$ each year by having access to all themes at once. To get the club membership you will only have to pay the purchase fee ($399-$499). If you need further clarification, please contact us.

You will find below all our price tiers, choose the version you feel comfortable with.
You can also upgrade later if needed. Just pay the price difference.

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Note: these fees are one time fee only, and you get 1 year of free updates. After one year, you can pay an optional $19 USD fee to get access to more updates for another 12 months, and so on. Again this fee is optional if you still want new updates. Splitting $19 for each month of a year, you will pay under $2 a month for accessing updates for this bundle which otherwise would cost more than $2,000 alone.

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