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JobMiner is the best wordpress theme for having a job board website. Its packed with features and you can launch a job board website within minutes. Great awesome real person customer support!

Excellent reviews
420 reviews on Trustpilot
Latest Update Released on 22 Nov 2022
Works with WordPress v6.1.1
Supports Woocommerce!
WordPress Jobminer Theme

A complete job board system solution

JobMiner is the best wordpress theme for having a job board website. Its packed with features and you can launch a job board website within minutes. Great awesome real person customer support!

A complete job board solution


Our job board theme is packed with monetisation tools. Charge a job listing fee, a featured company fee and others. Even charge a monthly subscription membership.

Easy to setup

The job board theme is very easy to setup for any type of user, even beginners. We have tutorials, and sequence on how to import demo data. And in the end, if you can’t make it, we will help you!

Excellent Support

We offer top notch support for all our customers. We have livechat and excellent email support. We even offer paid development services if needed. Just let us know!

Complete solution

Our system is a complete all in one solution. You don’t need any extra plugins or software to run a complete job board website. We also offer native phone apps too (iOS and Android).

Check out the features! A complete system ready to start!


Several Payment Gateways

We offer multiple payment gateways (with the PRO version) from the most common ones to the most specific ones (for countries like India, South Africa).
Among the most popular gateways that we support are: Stripe, PayPal, Stripe Connect, Payfast, CCAvenue, Skrill, Authorize and many others.


Zip/Postcode Radius Search

Another great feature of our theme is that your users can search for an item based on an address, or zip/post code, and on a given radius (miles or km).
This feature is based on Google’s geo coordinates and results display on a map in the search page. So you can search jobs within a radius. (only on PRO version)


Credit System

Companies can buy virtual tokens and use them to pay for listing the jobs, employees can pay for applying to a job by tokens. Each user has its own token wallet and admin can control everything from the backend. Admin can define token packages and membership.


Email Notifications

Your candidates can get email notifications, when companies post a job that fits their profile. As well as the companies can get an email when a candidate posts his relevant profile.
Also there is the possibility for the companies to receive notification based on the location/radius.


Company Dashboard

The complete company dashboard allows the companies to control open positions, check the available candidates and other important metrics on their job hiring process. Also communicate through the same panel with all candidates.


Candidate Dashboard

The candidates or employees have their own panel where they can see the jobs they applied, communicate with the companies, see open positions for them, control their profile settings and other important features for getting a job position.


RTL Support

Our theme supports now the RTL language type, meaning its suited for using hebrew or arabic languages without any other additional work or modifications.
This is available in the PRO version or as an extension when you buy the theme. Now our arabic and hebrew customer base can be happy of this new addition.


Private Messaging

This tool will help your companies and employees, to better communicate through a safe system without revealing each others personal information,
keep all activity under your website and also keeping you in control over the transactions. You are in total control of the private messages, and you can moderate from your administration area.


Monetisation Tools

The theme offers several monetization tools, from charging a listing fee, charging a featured listing fee, charging for a monthly membership.
Also you can charge for buying tokens to post new jobs on the platform. All transactions are logged into the admin side.

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Excellent reviews
420 reviews on Trustpilot


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Do you need a mobile phone app too ?

If you need a native mobile phone app for iOS and Android , we can build a native app for you to use on the website you are going to install the theme. Just drop us a note, and get in contact with us.

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The very stable job board wordpress theme ?

The jobminer theme is one of the best job board wordpress themes and it works flawlessly and very stable. Being on the market for some time, it has matured enough to be used in a stable and a product environment. This is the perfect solution for anyone wanting to launch a job board website, or a talent scouting app. And the good thing, is that this comes with a mobile app as well. So you can have a job board with app with our job board theme. This is the beauty of wordpress itself, that you can create any type of site out of it, with the proper theme. Jobminer is the best wordpress job posting theme.

Does it work with woocommerce ?


Yes, we can ensure integration with woocommerce when purchasing the PRO custom package from within our purchase options of the theme, as this does require some custom integration from case to case. The integration is at the payment level, and orders level. You can also contact us for any questions that you might have on this matter. However the theme has all the tools it needs to function without any other plugin (PRO version recommended).