Web Design Packages

The best web design packages for small businesses. Starting from $299. Fast turnaround time within 1 day.

Web Design Packages

At Sitemile we offer a rapid web design package that provides your company with a new website within 1-30 days. We are sure that your small business will benefit of our amazing web design packages. And since our prices start only from $299, your budget will not suffer at all. Check out our website packages, buy one, and lets get started on development.

Web Design Packages for Small businesses

Lite Package


Suitable for small businesses

  • Up to 5 pages
  • WordPress Setup
  • FREE Google Webmaster Setup
  • Web and Contact Forms
  • Basic SEO Setup
  • 7 days free maintenance

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Advanced Package


Up to 12 pages website

  • Up to 10 pages
  • WordPress Setup
  • FREE Google Webmaster Setup
  • Web and Contact Forms
  • Basic SEO Setup
  • 10 days free maintenance
  • Payment gateway integration

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Professional Web Design Package


Suitable for ecommerce

  • Up to 25 pages
  • WordPress Setup
  • FREE Google Webmaster Setup
  • Web and Contact Forms
  • Advanced SEO Setup
  • eCommerce Setup
  • 5 hours of custom work
  • 1 month free maintenance
  • Payment gateway integration
  • wooCommerce or Shopify
  • Hosting & Domain
  • Complete website package

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eCommerce web design packages

Our ecommerce web design packages offer comprehensive solutions for businesses aiming to thrive online. Each package includes custom design, responsive layout, SEO optimization, shopping cart integration, and secure payment gateways, tailored to meet diverse business needs and budgets. Enhanced with user-friendly CMS, they ensure seamless management and an exceptional shopping experience for your customers.

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What distinguishes website packages from standard web development services?

Website packages offer a holistic approach to custom WordPress website development, combining advanced design, sophisticated functionality, and dedicated support to meet the intricate needs of businesses. Unlike standard services, these packages leverage tailored strategies to ensure websites are not only visually compelling but also highly functional and aligned with business objectives, ensuring a seamless user experience and robust digital presence.

What advantages do website creation packages offer to modern businesses?

Website creation packages serve as a catalyst for businesses to achieve a digital footprint that resonates with their brand identity and operational goals. By focusing on bespoke design solutions and cutting-edge technology, these packages facilitate the development of websites that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also optimized for search engines, user engagement, and security, thereby enhancing the brand’s market position and digital visibility.

How do website design and SEO packages integrate to boost online visibility?

Combining custom design with strategic SEO practices, these packages are meticulously crafted to elevate a website’s online presence. By focusing on user-centric design principles and SEO-optimized content, businesses can attract a wider audience, improve search rankings, and foster engagement. This synergy between design and SEO ensures that websites are both visually appealing and highly discoverable, leading to increased traffic and conversion rates.

Why should businesses consider investing in SEO web design packages?

SEO web design packages represent a strategic investment for businesses aiming to thrive in the digital ecosystem. These packages are designed to ensure that websites not only captivate visitors with their aesthetic appeal but also rank prominently on search engines through optimized content and metadata. This dual focus maximizes a website’s potential to attract targeted traffic, engage visitors, and convert leads, contributing to the business’s overall growth and success online.

What encompasses the scope of web development packages?

Web development packages offer a comprehensive suite of services tailored to develop and maintain a dynamic online presence. From conceptual design to launch, and ongoing maintenance, these packages cover all aspects of website creation including user interface design, custom functionality, SEO optimization, content strategy, and technical support. This all-encompassing approach ensures that businesses have access to a robust, scalable, and secure online platform that meets their evolving needs.

On what basis is website packages pricing structured?

Website packages pricing is intricately structured around the complexity of the design, the extent of customization required, the range of functionalities to be integrated, and the level of ongoing support needed. This pricing model is designed to reflect the value delivered through a bespoke website that not only meets the unique requirements of a business but also enhances its digital presence and operational efficiency.

What factors influence WordPress website packages pricing?

The pricing of WordPress website packages is influenced by several key factors including the design’s complexity, the specificity of custom features, integration of comprehensive SEO strategies, and the extent of personalized support provided. This multifaceted approach ensures that businesses receive a high-value, scalable solution that not only aligns with their strategic objectives but also provides a competitive edge in the digital landscape.

What are the hallmarks of custom website design packages?

Custom website design packages are distinguished by their ability to provide businesses with a unique digital identity tailored to their specific vision and goals. These packages encompass a range of personalized services from bespoke design and development to strategic SEO integration and dedicated technical support, ensuring that each website not only stands out in its design and functionality but also achieves optimal performance and user engagement.