StorePress WordPress Ecommerce

StorePress is the best WordPress theme that will transform your WordPress blog into an e-commerce website.
StorePress WordPress Ecommerce

Few words about it…

StorePress is a premium WordPress theme, fully coded and packed with scripts that will allow you to transform your WordPress blog into a veritable e-commerce virtual store.

Start affiliate stores, or promote affiliate products with this great premium WordPress theme.

Find out more about the theme by visiting the demo, and by reading the list of features displayed on this page, by viewing the image gallery and by watching the videos.

Main features of the StorePress Theme

WP 3.1 compatible

Tested and working with the latest version of wordpress

Widgetized Pages

Ability to add widgets from WP admin on your pages

PayPal integration

PayPal system integrated, just paste your paypal email in admin settings

Powerful Admin

Very comprehensive and powerful admin panel

Order Management

Manage your orders from the admin panel

Custom Inputs

Add custom information for each of your products

Custom Fees

Set custom fee for each ad category/subcategory

Edit Products

Edit your products, change their price, remove pictures, etc

Write Articles

Ability to write blog articles along with posting products

Email Notification

You and your customers are notified by email after each purchase

User Panel

Your customers have a nice user panel where they can see their orders, state of an order and others

Fee Option

Option to add a fee(percent) for the total of each order, ex: VAT

Lifetime Updates

You get lifetime access to future updates and support for StorePress

Add Product

Strong add product page, with custom inputs, product image, price, shipping

Controlling the admin

Here you have a sample video of how easy is to control the StorePress theme’s admin side. The video shows you how to set all the options available from setting the master PayPal email address to where you will collect the money from the selling of your products, to setting custom fees for each product category.

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About the StorePress WordPress Ecommerce

Latest release: 10 November 2011
Current version: 2.0.3

Test this theme before you buy

You want to see how this theme performs before you buy it. Why not go to the online demo and test drive it.

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If you need help with the theme or if you have a question before purchasing contact us or use our forums to rise up your questions. Usualy you get your answer in less than 2-3 hours.

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