In this wiki article you will find a complete tutorial on how to translate any SiteMile theme into your own language. You will find all the steps needed from when you purchase the theme up to using the theme into your preferred or own language.

1. Getting the right tools

To translate any of the sitemile themes you will first need to understand how localisation works with wordpress themes. First you need to know what is the language code of your wordpress. For example in english the language code is en_US. For a complete guide on WordPress language codes follow this url.

By default the sitemile themes come along with the english language file. The name of the file is en_US.po and it can be found in the theme files into the languages/ folder. Once you have that file on your computer, go to the poedit site and download PoEdit.

2. Translating the theme into your language

Once PoEdit is installed, you can open the en_US.po file. You will now see 2 areas: the upper area contains a scrollable list of strings in english. Once you click on any of those strings, 2 boxes will appear in the bottom area: first box is the string in english, and in the second box you type in your translation. You need to do these for every string in the list. Once you translate them all, you can save the file.

3. Finishing the process

As soon as you save the translated file, PoEdit will generate a .mo file which represents the actualy binary translation. The next step is to grab the file and copy it into your theme folder in the languages/ folder. Also be aware, if your wordpress is not in english the en_US code will be replaced by your language code.

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