Walleto WordPress Marketplace Theme

Open your own, fully featured, marketplace website
The newest and most powerful wordpress theme for turning a regular website into a fully featured marketplace website. Each user can have his own shop and sell his products to other people. It even supports digital and downloadable good marketplaces. A real turn-key marketplace solution.

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Walleto WordPress Marketplace Theme

A little overview

Walleto is a premium wordpress marketplace theme. With it you can launch a marketplace website. It supports a virtual credits system and many more turn-key features. It even lets you launch a digital marketplace (digital/downloadable products) too. You can also launch an ecommerce website with physical goods and shopping cart.

Walleto Theme also comes packed with the most common payment gateways, like: PayPal, MoneyBookers/Skrill, and Payza. Also we can support PayFast for South African market, or iDeal for Dutch Market and many others, like Authorize.Net, QuickPay, Google Wallet. All in all this theme is one of the best, if not, the best WordPress Theme to host a marketplace website.

If you are still looking for more answers or you are not sure of your purchase, you can contact us, and we will answer to any queries, including custom work, or custom payment gateways integration. Also before contacting, you could check the Presales Questions and see if you can find your answer there.


Features List


  • Latest WordPress Version Compatibility v5.1.0
    Our theme is compatible to the latest version of WordPress. And always when the wordpress team launches a new update we are standing by and we are the first to try it and adjust the theme if needed so you can always are up to date and use all the new features of wordpress from day 1.

  • Product Custom Post Type
    Walleto comes packed with a custom post type called “product” so you can make use of all the new WordPress features, and also to host your own blog inside the same website. So your normal wordpress blog posts are not disturbed by the theme and you have dedicated files for the product type, and for the new taxonomies.

  • Users Have Their Own Shop
    With our marketplace theme, your users can create their own shop, and start selling their own products. Walleto comes packed with a user account area, where your customers can track their orders, keep their products updated, add portfolio shop pictures, control finances, basically anything a modern ecommerce or marketplace website has.

  • You Have Total Control
    The admin area of Walleto offers you (as the admin) several tools to control every part of your website. Control the posted products, images, quantities, customer details, shop details, memberships, basically everything in your shop. Also you can control the colors of the website, with our color picker tool, and the total layout of your website.

  • Localisation File Multi Language
    The walleto theme comes with a ready made locale po/pot english file, which can be used to translate the entire website into any other language that you want. Once the theme purchased you can translate your po file using the tutorial we have posted here. Also if you want a multi language website in the true meaning of the word, here you can see some tools you can use: http://codex.wordpress.org/Multilingual_WordPress

  • Shopping Cart Functionality
    Your customers can add items/products to their shopping carts and purchase multiple products at a time. And they can even purchase multiple products at a time from multiple vendors in the same checkout order. After completing their shopping basket, they go to checkout and pay for their products.

  • Private Messages Functionality
    With Walleto theme your customers/users can exchange private messages, since our theme comes packed with a custom build private messages system. The buyers and sellers can communicate before the sale to ask more details about the products, or after the sale to set the shipping terms.

  • e-Wallet Functionality
    Walleto comes with a complete e-wallet or virtual credits/cash system. Each user has his own e-wallet, where he can deposit real money. After the deposit, your customers can spend the money to pay for the bought items. Then at the end of the month the sellers can request payout of their balance after receiving payments for their sold products. Also this system can be turned on and off in case you dont want it.

  • Several Monetization Tools
    You can also make money with Walleto. Our theme has several monetization ways. The most important tool is the subscription based shop, where your users have to pay a monthly or yearly fee to have a shop on your website. Another tool is taking a percent out of each sale from your vendors/sellers. Other tools are: setting up adverts around the site and charging for different advert spaces, like header, footer, side, or front page.

  • Plug and Play
    Walleto Theme is totally plug and play, meaning you only need to install the theme and you are ready to go. You can put online a marketplace website in minutes without any external piece of software. No external plugins needed, but of course the functionality can be enhanced if you use various plugins.

  • Facebook Social Login Integration
    The Walleto theme allows you to offer you customers to use their facebook accounts to login to your website, and shop as a regular registered user. You only need a free facebook application in your facebook account and you are ready to go.

  • Twitter Social Login Integration
    The Walleto theme allows you to offer you customers to use their twitter accounts to login to your website, and shop as a regular registered user. You only need a free twitter application in your facebook account and you are ready to go.

  • Multiple Payment Gateways Supported
    Having several ways to pay is a very important thing in a marketplace or ecommerce website. The walleto theme offers many standard payment gateways: PayPal, PayPal Adaptive, Moneybookers/Skrill, Payza, iDeal. Other local payment gateways can be integrated on request. Contact us if you want other payment gateways integrated.

  • Email Notifications
    All actions around the website are backed up by an email notification. Walleto theme comes with a complete admin panel where you can control, edit or translate any email notification message. There are notifications for registered users, posted product, order placed and many others.

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About the Walleto WordPress Marketplace Theme

Latest release: 15 June 2019
Current version: 2.5.0
Requires: WordPress 5.2.2
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