The SiteMile Classified Theme uses custom taxonomy (ad_location) for your ad’s locations. With the help of this you have a dedicated panel in the wp-admin area where you can add as many locations as you want, and on as many levels as you want. Also this keeps separate the blog posts making the ads area dedicated.

Setting up locations for your ads is simple. Just follow the two steps below. And if you are familiar with wordpress you probably found already how to add them.

  1. Login to your WP-Admin area.
  2. In the left handside menu you will see “Classified Ads”, click on that.
  3. See “Locations” and click on that.
  4. Add your locations.

Also the theme comes packed with a few widgets that are related to the custom location taxonomy. You can add countries, states, cities, regions, or any type of locations you may think off. For instance you have a widget which will show all your categories in a tree view, just like other big classified ads sites (craigslist, backpage).

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