We just released another update to our WordPress Auction Theme which makes it the best auction and reverse auction theme on the market. Along with a better integration with our framework (since v4.3.0) we added a lot of new features and improvements. Take a look at the list below.

Here is a list with the biggest updates that we brought to the theme:

  • offline payment method: Bank Transfer
  • (the paying user gets the bank details of the other user once the auction is won. This way you can take the payments outside of your site and let your users handle payments between them)

  • PayPal Adaptive payment fully integrated, take % of any payment straight into your paypal
  • AlertPay integrated
  • language files, you can translate the theme from one single file
  • pay with credits for posting new auctions, or reposting old auctions
  • credit user balance can be fully controlled from admin side

For more information about the new update and the other features of the theme please visit the Auction Theme’s webpage: https://sitemile.com/p/auctionTheme
We have also updated our framework to version 1.0.4 so make sure you upload that as well before you install the theme.

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