Freelancer Marketplace Theme Presale Questions

This page will show a presale list of the most frequently asked questions on our Freelancer Maketplace Project Theme for WordPress. If you still cannot find the answer to your question, you can contact us. But if everything else is clear and want to purchase this theme, you can go by clicking here.

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How much does this theme cost ?

The prices for the freelancer marketplace theme starts from $89 USD. To find out more about the higher packages we offer, click here to see our pricing page.

Do you provide hosting ? What kind of hosting do I need ?

No, we do not provide hosting, but thats a simple issue to solve. Almost anyone can have a simple hosting space these days. Our theme works with almost any hosting type. Some popular hosting companies that offer regular webhosting, or wordpress hosting are: bluehost, godaddy, hostinger, siteground or others. Basically almost any hosting will work since any hosting space can host wordpress.

Do you offer paid customisation services ?

Yes, we do offer customisation service for additional modifications or adding additional features on the theme. You can contact us for a price quote, or get the PRO custom package, which includes a 15 hr of work package.

If I purchase the basic version, will I be able to upgrade later on to a higher tier?

Yes, you can absolutely upgrade later on to any higher package, just by paying the price difference. That way you dont get charged again the initial purchase price. You can go ahead and upgrade from your account in or you can contact us to arrange the payment and upgrade for you.

Does it support woocommerce ? or do I need it ?

Yes, we can have support for woocommerce, and we can integrate that as custom work. You can contact us to request a price quote. But normally , we offer all payment gateways and features, that you do not need woocommerce or any other piece of software to create a freelancer marketplace website with our theme.

Do I receive the source code so I can do modifications ?

Yes, you get full source code and unencrypted. You are free to do any modifications to suit your project or your customer’s project. You are not able to resell the theme however. The purpose of us delivering the source code, is to make the developer an easier job if he wants to modify the code for his site.

What is included in the support?

The support we offer is very good through email or livechat, or tickets, and we support any issue related to the usage of the theme, or if you discover a bug or a special situation where the theme doesnt work right. We do not support if you do modifications on the theme. We only offer custom paid work for that.

On the mobile Apps, what kind of apps are they ?

We deliver source code for the Apps too. The apps are native apps, for iOS and Android. We are using xcode for writing the apps for iOS (we work with swift ui, iOS v13 and up) and with android studion (kotlin)

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