Hello guys

we have recently slightly updated our loved Auction Theme with a few new cool features and with some fixes to make it compatible to wordpress 3.9.2 latest update.
Also this page is a change-log for the current update. See below the list of features and fixes, and the list of modified files in this update:

Features and Fixes

-a new user interface for user account (slight improvements)
-replaced uploadify scripts with a new jquery non flash based uploader.
-uploadify issues with hosting were solved by removing uploadify
-renew auction option. Renew x times each Y days. Set from admin
-several optimizations in the core of the theme

List of modified files

-lib/my_account/* (all files except: no_percent_speficied.php, mark_paid.php , mark_shipped.php )
-lib/uploadify/* (all files)

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