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after a few months since our last major update, we have decided its time for a new major update of our most loved theme, the WordPress Auction Theme. This new version truly makes the Auction Theme stand out in front of all the auction scripts around the internet. With our new auction theme, not only you can start your own fully featured auction website, but you can also do it very easily since setting it up only takes 10 minutes for a novice user. You can read below what we worked on during last 3 months to bring this new major update.

So whats new in this update?

This new version is good, and so complete, that not only small businesses can launch a fully featured auction website, but more advanced and bigger businesses can be supported by our auction theme/script. We have added some amazing features on the new theme, like “make an offer and counter offer feature” and we have fixed all the small glitches and now we can say our theme is 100% bug-free after testing it intensively for 2 months.

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Also our Auction Theme has been tested with a heavy load of items (around 40.000 running auction items) on a normal VPS server, and it handles a huge amount of data just normally, so thats a good news for those of you out there that want to launch a big auction website. So now we are convinced that our theme is suited for small, medium and big auction websites. Below you can find a complete list of changes/features that have been added to the new version, and also a list of modified files (changelog).

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New features and fixes

  • Added make an offer and counter-offer feature
  • Max Bid, Auto Bidding feature. Set max bid, then the system automatically bids for you.
  • Anti Bid Sniping. Extend the ending time by X seconds if a bid is placed in last Y seconds (X and Y values are changeable from admin side).
  • Out of the box 3 level dropdown main menu controlled from WP-Admin area, no coding required
  • HTML Image Uploaders (for iphone/android/mobile support)
  • jQuery Image Uploader for computer users and for faster multiple image upload
  • Admin area sortable columns (by price, type ending time) for auction list view.
  • Advanced Search widget added. The advanced search options can be placed now on any page.
  • Live Countdown timers opposed to the static timers in previous version.
  • Fix feedback page wrong price and wrong date bug.
  • Native wordpress images display.
  • Several fixed issues with the display in various browsers

List of modified files

  • AuctionTheme/functions.php
  • AuctionTheme/style.css
  • AuctionTheme/top-main-menu.php
  • AuctionTheme/my-upload.php
  • AuctionTheme/header.php
  • AuctionTheme/archive-auction.php
  • AuctionTheme/single-auction.php
  • AuctionTheme/taxonomy.php
  • AuctionTheme/lib/*.*
  • AuctionTheme/images/* – added several new images/icons
  • AuctionTheme/css/* – added some new css files
  • AuctionTheme/js/* – added and updated several javascript files

How to get the new update?

If you have purchased the auction theme already, you will find the theme update in your account. If you havent purchased yet you can do it from the auction theme page, or if you prefer to get all the themes we are selling you can get the membership subscription from here.

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