The short answer is YES! But the long and professional answer is a bit more complicated than that. Please read below to learn more and change your perspective:

Can I really use a free wordpress theme or a free auction wordpress theme for my business?

You are here because you are wondering if you can use a free theme to get started with the lowest cost possible for your car auction, or property auction website, or any other auction or selling e-commerce website. The recommended answer is NO, you should never use a free theme for a professional website that involves customers and actual real money transactions. You are wondering why ? Well, the first thing is, that you will never find a such specific type of theme for free. To have something like this built and maintained, requires a lot of knowledge and constant programmer presence (for maintenance) and nobody will do this for free for sure! You would want to get a premium auction theme for wordpress instead of a free auction theme for wordpress.

What are the benefits of a premium theme?

First , you will have support, and you will see that there are better tools and more complex features in a premium paid theme. Second, you will not find a free theme that offers all the features you need. And third, again support, which is the most important when you launch your business. We offer the auction theme and the great support for it.

Where to get the Auction Theme ?

You will find our wordpress auction theme by following this link:

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