Hey guys, you are probably here because you were searching for a free auction plugin for your auction website or for your desired auction website using wordpress cms. Well the free auction plugin you are looking for isnt here (for now) but we do have a better solution, and its called the wordpress auction theme which can be seen here: https://sitemile.com/p/auctionTheme

Why isnt the plugin free?

Well the plugin isnt free because having a free plugin makes it so hard to maintain. Generating no income on the plugin or the theme, we would be very slow in doing updates as that requires working man hours, the programmers need to be paid for their work. Instead we propose the premium script or theme, which comes with a lot of features, and its always up to date. It comes with a lot of auction features and you can build an auction website within minutes. Whatever you like this theme will cover it: car auction website, real estate auction website, auction property website and so many others.

Can this be reverse auction property website ?

Yes this can be used in the reverse mode and be like a reverse auction plugin of course. You can have setup a reverse auction website within minutes.

Does it have unique bid auction ?

Yes the theme comes with unique bid auction too in the pro version. All set for you!

How can I get this auction plugin or theme ?

You can always go to this page: https://sitemile.com/p/auctionTheme and download your auction theme now!

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