Hello guys

we have, after a few days of delay, finally launched the new update (v2.0.8) for our WordPress Pricerr Theme, the best microjob theme in the world. We have added some new features and also we have done some important fixes which were pending for quite a while. We are looking forward for our customers using this new update even with greater success in their websites. For a complete list of what was changed in this update, but also a list of affected files by this update, see below:

Features/Fixes Added

– like this job, feature. Popularity filter fixed
– mutual cancellation / request cancellation feature implemented and fixed
– nicer permalinks for taxonomy pages (categories and locations)
– feature job link from account. Feature jobs from account area
– responsive design (first stage)
– added BTC (bitcoins) as currency in back-end

Files Changed/Affected

– PricerrTheme/functions.php
– PricerrTheme/style.css
– PricerrTheme/latest-jobs.php
– PricerrTheme/job.php
– PricerrTheme/taxonomy.php
– PricerrTheme/header.php
– PricerrTheme/single-job.php
– PricerrTheme/lib/request_mutual_cancelation.php
– PricerrTheme/lib/first_run_emails.php
– PricerrTheme/lib/admin_menu.php
– PricerrTheme/lib/chat_box.php
– PricerrTheme/lib/first_run.php
– PricerrTheme/lib/post_new_post.php
– PricerrTheme/lib/post_new.php
– PricerrTheme/lib/edit_job.php
– PricerrTheme/lib/pay_for_job.php
– PricerrTheme/lib/my_account/cancellation_answer.php
– PricerrTheme/lib/gateways/bank.php

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