Hello guys

we are proud to present you the all new pricerr theme update! After 4-5 months of work, we are finally releasing the long awaited update which will make pricerr theme the best microjob theme for wordpress out there. It was the first theme to do microjobs and after this update it should be #1 theme on the internet for microjobs. We added so many extra features that other competitors will be blown out of the water immediately. See below a list of added features and changes, and also some screenshots from various sections on the theme itself:

List of added features:

– proper requests section and post added (comes with the pro version)
– multiple payment gateways (stripe, rave, mol, payu, payulatam, ccavenue, payfast, ideal, authorize, braintree and others)
– new design, and new face, using bootstrap, totally responsive
– new live chat section for users
– new widgets for categories, and carousels
– jobs have packages or simple pricing from where the users can choose
– better search features
– changed the general feel and structure

See below a list of screenshots from the new design:

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2 Responses to PricerrTheme microjob theme update v6.0 launched

  1. survivingmonday says:

    This looks very lovely but I’m having trouble getting it installed. Brand new WordPress installation and installed the theme, I seem to be getting a white (blank) homepage. I’ve entered the serial number to no avail.

  2. admin says:

    we have demo data, please submit a ticket here https://www.sitemile.com/contact
    if you are a valid customer we will send to you and instructions to import

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