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WordPress Project Bidding Theme Freelance Marketplace

A faster improved way to launch job / freelancer websites.
WordPress Project Bidding Theme

A complete freelance marketplace solution

The best wordpress theme which allows you to build a freelancer website, or a project bidding, chores, task website from your wordpress blog. Launch a job or freelancers site in minutes. The perfect solution for the professionals but also for novice users. A real turn-key solution!

Basic Uses of The Freelancer Theme

Freelancer Websites
Launch a freelancer website in minutes with our theme. A complete theme without the need of any other plugins that can be deployed within minutes. Similar to sites like upwork or guru or freelancer dot com. Have a really solid base to start your freelancer website. This one is a good alternative to php freelancer scripts out there.
Small Task Websites
Our theme allows you to have a task website that can be also based on location and radius/map. The users can search for tasks in their area and you can make money out of each sale, or from listing fees. The possibilities are endless.
Tender Websites
The freelancer project theme is also good for launching a tenders websites. Your suppliers can supply goods for various types of businesses. Others put up offers and if they are accepted you can take a percent out of the transaction. All variations on this subject are possible.
All Other Websites
Basically with our project theme you can launch all kind of websites that are based on the idea of someone posting a wanted service/goods and other people posting bids or offers to them. In the end the person that posted the task will choose the supplier/contractor that will deliver that task/good for them.

A little overview

Project Theme for WordPress is the original and #1 theme on the internet, that allows you to setup a freelance marketplace website. Also you can set a project bidding website or a chores website. With a great pack of features, payment methods and plug and play functionality, Project Theme is the best solution for your freelance marketplace site.

A perfect turn key solution to launch a freelance website in minutes. The real world examples of the success of this type of site are: elance, oDesk,, 99designs, taskrabbit, airtasker and many other niche freelancer sites.

Even More Information

In our theme employers post projects and freelancer post bids. At the end of the project, the employers award the project to the most qualified service provider from the proposal list. All these topped up by some great tools like the private messages, so users can communicate and share files between each other.

The theme also comes with many monetization tools for the site owner, like charging for listings, taking percent out of each project, featuring project fees and many others.

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WordPress Project Bidding Theme Freelance Marketplace

Latest release: 19 May 2019
Current version:
Requires: WordPress 5.2.2
Help & Documentation

Have a Question?
If you need help with the theme or if you have a question before purchasing contact us or use our livechat or tickets to rise up your questions. Usualy you get your answer in less than 2-3 hours.

Contact Us or use our Live chat if available. If not send us a ticket and we will reply in the shortest time possible (not longer than 12-24 hrs).

Base Version

$99/ one time
  • Access to basic features
  • No access to extensions
  • Access to ProjectTheme
  • Unlimited Websites
  • Free Support for 12 Months
  • Free Updates for 12 Months


$349/ one time
  • Access to basic features
  • Access to extensions
  • Access to all themes
  • Unlimited Websites
  • Free Support for 12 Months
  • Free Updates for 12 Months

Top features for real businesses

Our theme has and abundance of features, in order to really build a freelancer website. No jokes, just serious features!

You will not find anything even remotely similar to our wordpress freelancer theme. Project Theme is the a complete system to have a real freelancer website which can be actually put into production. With many rich features, from the user experience part to strong monetisation tools, our freelancer theme will change your whole perspective even before you plan to start your task or tender website business. Our support is top notch, and has no rival among the other theme developers from this niche. Also we are one of the fewest theme vendors that offer custom work services for the ones that want to take the already rich feature functionality, to the next step.

High Security
Very well written code, high attention to security
Our code is well written and non encrypted. Also the security of the customer data is at a very high level. The payments are processed mostly in the secure payment gateway pages (eg: PayPal , stripe). The admin backend is also very secure and can be password protected. Your regular users won’t even know the site is wordpress.
high security sitemile theme project

dedicated account for contractor and project owner
Dedicated Accounts
Each user type has its own separate account area.
Our theme comes with two user types: one for the contractor(freelancer) and one for the project owner. They can be separated or together for the same user. Also each account role has their own tools for bidding, posting projects, managing their earnings and financial and all that good stuff.

Powerful Monetisation Tools

The project theme can earn you money out of multiple incoming streams

With our theme you have multiple income tools and streams. First is the listing fee for each posted project. Also you can have a featured listing fee, which makes your customer’s project appear first in search and in category pages. Another way to do more money out of the website, you can charge a percent commission on each successful project. The other ways of charging your users are: extra image fees, a fee for making the project private, a fee for making the project hidden from search engines.

Plus, with our pro version, the theme comes with invoicing features, and multi currency features (using multiple currencies at a time).

Responsive Design
Our theme looks good on all devices
The wordpress project freelancer theme, looks good and adapts itself no matter on what device are you looking on. It has dedicated responsive design that adapts to mobile phone or devices, tablets, laptops, big screen monitors, or TVs. It used boostrap css framework and developing further design changes is standard and easy.
respponsive theme project

dedicated escrow system
Escrow & E-wallet
Integrated escrow and e-wallet systems
We have integrated into our theme a complete e-wallet/credit system and also an escrow system. That way , your freelancers and project owners stay secure while working on projects. And the payment isn’t released until the freelancer does the work, and the customer confirms the project as done. Also there is a withdrawal of funds system integrated. Of course all these can be deactivated if needed from admin area.

Tons of Available Payment Gateways

We have a lot of payment gateways ready made from the most notorious to the very local ones, for various markets

There is a handful of available payment gateways that come with our theme. They all can be purchases individually, or can be purchased with the PRO package of the theme. In that case, you will get all possible extensions we offer for this theme. The available payment gateways with this theme are: PayPal, Skrill, Payza, CCAvenue, Stripe (simple or marketplace), Pesapal, Quickpay, Braintree, Bitcoins, , MangoPay, Paystack, Sagepay, Voguepay (Nigeria market), Payfast(for South Africa market), iDeal Mollie, iDeal Sisow (for the Dutch market), Instamojo, Flutterwave (rave payment gateway for african countries) and others. Also we can integrate as custom work any payment gateway, with an extra cost from $65-150$ (or more if its the case, unlikely).

messaging system system
Fantastic Support
We offer great support through live chat and tickets.
We are giving our best to offer great support through various channels, like live chat support (at least 5-18 hrs each day), email support 24/7 and also the possibility of sending tickets and updates about your request. Other companies are much more lower than us on this level.
Location Ready
Search based on location and radius(km or miles) and zip/postal code
Integrated Google maps location service lets you search for projects and freelancers within a radius (km or miles) from a given address postal code (zip code). This extra feature is present as an extension or if you buy the pro version of the theme. It will also give you a map showing all the found projects and markers on the map for each one.
map theme project

messaging system system
Private Messages & Chat
Integrated private messaging system and chat
The project freelancer theme comes with an integrated private messaging system and a chat system (pro version) that allows users to exchange messages and files and collaborate for their projects. Everything is integrated alongside email notifications when a new event takes place. Also with custom work we can integrate various SMS gateways (contact us).

A more complete list of present features

  • responsive project theme

    Fully Responsive Layout

    Our theme works well on any kind of device. From desktop computers, laptops, to tablets, smartphones, and any type of phones. The theme design will stretch our or shrink automatically to fit your screen size and device. Also the responsiveness can be turned off if you wish to. To see an example of how responsive design works with our theme, see this.

  • payment project theme

    Percent (%) fee per Projects

    With the Project Theme you can charge a percent fee (or flat fee) out of each project/item that is done through your website. This can be taken directly through PayPal (using adaptive chained payments) or through the credits system, or maybe through some other payment method that we can integrate. This is a great monetization tool for increasing the profits of your website.

  • monetization tools

    Monetization Tools

    Several monetization tools can be used to make money our of your site build with the help of our Project Theme. The main monetization ways are: charging listing fees, featured listing fees, private bid fees, charging a percent or fixed fee out of each sale, and membership fees.

  • escrow project theme

    Escrow Feature

    With the credit system there is also an escrow feature that comes with the Project Theme. The idea is the project owner will deposit virtual money into escrow for the bid winner, until he completes the project. After that the escrow is released. And the bid winner, will have the funds in his account, ready for requesting a withdrawal from the admin of the site.

  • google map

    Zip/Postcode radius based search

    Another great feature of our theme is that your users can search for an item based on an address, or zip/post code, and on a given radius (miles or km). This feature is based on Google’s geo coordinates and results display on a map in the search page. So you can have a location based freelancer marketplace website.

  • relist close delete

    Digital Goods

    With the project theme your freelancers and project owners can exchange digital downloadable files. Through this feature you can have a freelance marketplace website for the IT business, where people exchange files and complete the project. You can attach office files, zip and rar archives, or vector format images.

  • relist close delete

    RTL Support

    Our theme supports now the RTL language type, meaning its suited for using hebrew or arabic languages without any other additional work or modifications. This is available in the PRO version or as an extension when you buy the theme. Now our arabic and hebrew customer base can be happy of this new addition.

  • sitemile wallet

    Credit System

    Users buy virtual cash and use the cash to pay for the projects, to submit proposals for projects, or to list new projects/tasks. Users can pay for the tasks with the credit and the paid members can withdraw the amount they earned.

  • feedback sitemile

    Feedback and Rating System

    Freelancer and service providers rate each other after each completed project and each user has his own general feedback for the other users to see. Then the rating of each user is displayed next to their username by little 5 star rating icons. Also the rating is displayed in user profile and in bidding tables.

  • sitemile facebook

    Facebook integration

    Give the chance to your users to “like” the projects, and to share them on their facebook wall. This simple tool is very useful for your site’s traffic and popularity. Also through a free plugin users will be able to use their facebook account to login into the website.

  • sitemile user

    Freelancer User Profiles

    Each freelancer user has his own profile with overview information, received feedback’s, stats about their activity and portfolio pictures. Before they can bid the projects the freelancers can enhance their chance to win a project by having a complete user profile. Also each user has an avatar icon which they can define from their account.

  • payment auction theme

    Multiple Payment Gateways

    You do not need any special payment integration, as the theme has already a payment system integrated. Currently it supports PayPal, PayPal Adaptive, Payza, Moneybookers / Skrill, iDeal (Dutch), iDeal Mollie, Sisow, Payfast, Quickpay and, but we can offer services to custom integrate any other local payment gateway.

  • sitemile email

    Email Notifications

    Your users get email notifications, when they bid, they get outbid, when they get new proposals posted for their project or when they receive private messages. The theme has email notifications for freelancers, when they have received payments for their work. The best feature here: freelancers can signup for certain categories and they can get an email notification when a project is posted in their interest area.

  • paypal adaptive project theme

    PayPal Integrated

    PayPal payment system is one of the most used payment systems in the world. Our theme used to support PayPal Adaptive and Delayed Chained Payments but PayPal have made these deprecated. However we have alternatives to that. Very easy to use, just put your PayPal email address in the back end and start collecting payments. Plug and play feature.

  • wordpress sitemile icon

    WordPress 5.2.2 Support

    The Project Theme supports the latest version of WordPress. The theme has been tested in wordpress 5.2.2 and works flawlessly. Also each time we keep the theme up to date with the latest wordpress versions. Usually we launch an update each month.

  • messaging project theme

    Private Messaging

    This tool will help your freelancers and project providers, to better communicate through a safe system without revealing each others personal information, and keep all activity under your website and also keeping you in control over the transactions. You are in total control of the private messages, and you can moderate from your administration area.

  • messaging project theme

    Multi Language

    The Project Theme uses the GNU gettext WordPress localization framework. All the strings are kept in a pot/po file. You can use a special tool, called POEDIT and translate the english provided file into your native, or desired language.

  • blog project theme

    Blog Support

    Thanks to custom post types, the blog feature of your wordpress site is still supported as before and not disturbed by the project theme activity so you can still blog about anything you want in your website.

  • sitemile twitter

    Twitter integration

    Very easy integration with one of the most popular social networks, Twitter. Simply add your twitter account in the backend and your users can follow you. Also each project page has a share on twitter button. Users will be able to login using their twitter account as well.

If you are convinced of the great capabilities of the Freelancer Theme

Go ahead and buy it, and give it a try

Buy Now – Starting at $99

More Features

  • Access To Updates

    life saver

    We offer you unlimited access to future updates, and lifetime support for all the questions and trouble you might have with installing and using the theme. Our livechat support or ticket support can help you with anything related to the well function of this theme. And we can help with any problem assisting by email or Skype even. (note: after 12 months a $19 fee will be applied for another 12 months of updates)

  • Custom Work Offered

    custom work

    Our team can deliver the standard project theme, or if you have special requirements or changes that you want to do to and alter the default features of the theme, or add more special features we can offer custom work services. Simply contact us and we give you a price quote.

  • Need another layout?

    custom work

    If you do not like the default layout we provide we can integrate any preferred layout of yours. We can integrate any other external wordpress theme as a child theme and keep the same features of the Project Theme. Contact us for a price quote and we can get you on the right track.

Base Version

$99/ one time
  • Access to basic features
  • No access to extensions
  • Access to ProjectTheme
  • Unlimited Websites
  • Free Support for 12 Months
  • Free Updates for 12 Months


$349/ one time
  • Access to basic features
  • Access to extensions
  • Access to all themes
  • Unlimited Websites
  • Free Support for 12 Months
  • Free Updates for 12 Months