Hello guys

has been a while since we havent released an update (3 weeks, :D) and now since we have worked very hard in past few weeks, we are pleased to let you know we have released another update on our freelancer theme which brings more features and more optimsations than ever before. To see a list of changes or additions, and a list of changed files:


– updated the dispute system/plugin extension
– fixed several small issues in account area
– added “delivery date” on the post new project page
– updated the dispute plugin/extension v2.6.1

Changed files:

– style.css
– functions.php
– lib/post-new.php
– lib/post-new-post.php

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5 Responses to Project Theme Update v4.2.4

  1. sanjayp2018 says:

    Hi, I want to (a) add more filters in the search forms.. such as language, experience, etc. and (b) add more fields to the freelancer profile such as video file and audio file. Are these possible through the latest version? thanks

  2. admin says:

    if you want to add custom fields, it should appear in the search already

  3. freddybobjones@gmail.com says:

    hi – i just purchased the project theme but cannot install it as it wont accept my registration key. can you help?

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