WordPress is the most popular CMS system that is out there, and even though is more known as a blogging platform you can be amazed by the different ways you can use it to create ANY type of website. And when I say ANY, I really mean any type of website you can think of. From presentation websites that are very easy to maintain via the incredible wordpress admin, to very complex systems, such as auction websites, charity auctions, classifieds ads websites, car sale websites, job listing websites and many,many more.

WordPress is so easy to use by anyone; you get a nice theme to suit your needs, a bunch of plugins (some are free some are premium paid) and you are ready to go. In the backend wordpress has a WYSIWYG (Tiny MCE) editor which is very similar to a lite version of Microsoft Word.

You have so many ways to choose from. Practically the possibilities with wordpress are endless. Even if you want a big website, with many listings, thousands,tens, hundreds of thousands of listings, wordpress can handle this. WordPress is based on PHP and MySQL and this guarantees wordpress can handle millions of listings or even more.

Another thing about wordpress is the amazing SEO capability that it has. A wordpress based website gets indexed in search engines much more faster than a normal website. So this is great news for everyone from beginner to expert users. Anyone can have it!

Another advantage of wordpress is the huge community that is behind it. There are thousands and tens of thousands of users that use worpdress and support it. You will always find a solution to your problem.

There are many things to say about wordpress, and if you want to learn more about this don’t hesitate to contact us. If you want your website built on WordPress platform, or you need custom wordpress work, such as custom wordpress plugins(affiliate,eaby,Yahoo,Twitter,Facebook,RSS,directory,review, etc), custom wordpress themes, wordpress hacks please contact us.

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