We are pleased to inform you the launch of a new version v4.4.3 for our WordPress Auction Theme. The new version makes the Auction Theme the best theme for hosting an auction website, in the world. Its the best and most easy to use auction software on the internet. Now the theme comes packed with even more features, rock solid code and more bug fixes. Check the list below for the latest changes:

– advanced search, sorting by price, bug fixed
– feature added for advanced search: sort by current bid
– advanced search, sorting by auction visits, bug fixed
– feature added for advanced search: search by custom fields
– feature added for deposit credits: offer bonus credits
– feature added: enable individual reverse auction
– timezone bug fixed
– other small bug fixes

For more information you can visit the Auction’s Theme official page. You can purchase the auction theme from the same page. Also you can have the auction theme with our club membership subscription. You can see a demo of the theme in action here.

Also do not forget out our framework, which you will need to run the Auction Theme. You can get the latest version of the sitemile framework from your member area in sitemile.com

SiteMile’s Auction Theme is the best and most popular WordPress theme that transforms your wordpress website into a genuine auction or reverse auction website. It comes with plug and play functionality without the need of any other additional plugins. A real turn-key auction solution.

Plus you can also get documentation from the official docs page on sitemile.com and also you get get support from our forums where you can raise problems, solutions and free discussions about using the theme.

Thank you
Andrei from www.sitemile.com

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