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WordPress Pricerr Theme updated v6.4.5.0

Hello guys, we have released a new update on our amazing wordpress microjobs theme. This is a small update, but fixes some issues and brings some optimisations to make this the best microjobs theme for having a multi seller marketplace … Continue reading

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Microjobs Pricerr Theme updated v6.4.4.8

Hello guys, we have just updated the pricerr theme with a few fixes and optimisations. The update is not massive but pushes the pricerr microjobs theme to be even better. Already we are the best on the market by far, … Continue reading

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WordPress Classified Ads theme released update v8.0 (Classified WordPress Theme)

Hello guys, We are happy to announce that after 2 years of work, we have finally rewritten from scratch the Classified Ads Theme using our latest framework and the latest WordPress updated functions and classes. We have rewritten the code … Continue reading

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WordPress Auction Theme update v7 launched

Hello guys, after 2 years of work on the new v7 version of our auction template, we have finally come to a stable and working version and we can finally release it to the current and future customers. We have … Continue reading

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Updating the taskerdev theme very soon

Hey guys, we are working on a great new update on our Taskerdev theme. The new theme will be very similar to a get quotes website and it will be filled with great new features. See below a sneak peak … Continue reading

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WordPress Microjobs Theme update v6.4.1.6

Hey guys, a small update has been released today for the pricerr microjobs theme. The update doesnt bring anything significant, but has a few small optimisations and a fix. See below the list of things that were fixed: Fixed things: … Continue reading

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Transporters wordpress theme Shipme update v.

hey guys, we have an update on the shipme theme , that solves some of the issues and some optimizations. See the details below: Files changed themes/shipme/functions.php themes/shipme/style.css themes/shipme/template-parts/advanced-search/advanced-search-page.php Features and Fixes – fixed the advanced search on the price … Continue reading

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Pricerr Microjob theme update compatible with wp5.6

hey guys, we just released an incremental update, on our pricerr microjobs theme, with a few optimizations to fix a few bugs and optimise a few things here and there. The biggest issue that was resolved in this update, were … Continue reading

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Freelancer Theme Coming Update v4.5

Hello guys, we are announcing a new significant update (more in design) of our loved freelancer marketplace theme. The update, we hope to be released sometime in december 2020. See below a sneak peak of our newest update:

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