In this article you will learn briefly what is the project theme radius search extension, and how is it used in the wordpress freelancer theme that we have it available in our theme gallery.

With this extension you will be able to offer a better search page for the projects in your freelancer project theme . The extension is linked to the google maps and google geocoding APIs and allows your customers to search within a certain radius (miles or km) of a certain address or zip code. This feature is in particular very useful for the location based types of chore sites, where for example the user will need a chore/task done at a certain location, then the service providers or contractors can search through the jobs in their area only.

Note, for this you will have to create a google maps api key, that supports the following apis: javascript maps api, geocoding api, places api, geolocation API.

Also note that this extension is available in the PRO version and up of the project theme. You can find more pricing details here.

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