We are happy to give away this important news: we are working on a theme framework which will complete our themes and through which all of our themes will be extended with great functionality. The theme framework will be ready in approximately a month from now. Follow the news and lines below for more information about this exciting news, about what is a WordPress theme framework and everything you need to know to fully understand this.

What is a theme framework?

More straight forward, a WordPress theme framework is a parent theme, which has some base functions which the child theme can use, thus letting the child theme to be more focused on the template and looks of your wordpress site. So a theme framework is separating programming, and functions, and code, from the actual design, html and css.

With the help of a framework your themes will be much more easier to use by novice users and also you avoid repetitive coding. Also the you wont have to worry that much about SEO anymore, because the sitemile theme framework is designed with maximum SEO optimization in mind.

What SiteMile framework brings new?

The SiteMile theme framework brings a new refreshing way of doing things. You might wonder what does that exactly mean? Well we think it will be one of the best frameworks out there offering the most features and the most ways for customizing the looks of the theme. We intend this wordpress theme framework for those of you who dont want to stick their hands into heavy coding and prefer the wordpress dashboard admin as the way to change the looks and maintain their websites. It will be a out of the box solution for building powerful wordpress sites. Also as a plus to all of this, we will update all of our current themes to use this amazing theme framework. By doing this we will have the best wordpress suite of themes from the whole internet, such as: classified ads, auction and reverse auction, ecommerce, group buying, project bidding, directory, real estate and many more.

And aside all of these we will launch 1-2 themes each month with a specific purpose and very targeted for different purposes, such as magazine theme, company presentation theme, portfolio presentation theme, and many others. For this its better to get our membership club which will give you the access to all of our themes and to the future ones, including the access to the sitemile theme framework.

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