In this article we will try to understand what is a learning management system, in short LMS. And what is it used for. As we have more and more requests for people wanting to sell courses on a website or build membership websites. Basically a LMS will let you sell online courses in your website. Basically you can think of a platform like udemy or other similar.

How can a LMS be used ?

A LMS is normally used by the site owner to create a website that sells courses to its members. It implies having a membership area. And an upload area where the site owner will upload all available courses, and set the subscription price. The customer will have a way to see the courses, and actually buy and subscribe to the course

Can this learning management system be used with WordPress ?

Yes, you can use a learning management theme with wordpress. And more specifically a wordpress lms theme. There are a few out there on the market and each have different options and features. So depending on your needs, you will have to decide what to buy. We will talk more in depth about LMS theme for wordpress in another article on this website.

Do we have a LMS theme ?

We will have a lms wordpress theme very soon, and we will announce it in another article here on this website. The theme will be available for all users that have bought our membership subscription for all themes.

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