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The most hot subject these days is for sure Chat GPT. But what is Chat GPT ? Many are already popular with it and what it can do. And for those people that missed from the planet in the last few weeks and months, chat gpt os a state pf the art language processing AI model developed by OpenAI. Basically is a chat bot that answers your questions perfectly. And not only answers questions, because thats what google can do too, but it answers them keeping in mind the context, and it looks like if you were talking to a real person.

Chat gpt uses NLP – natural language processing – to analyse and deliver competent answers and takes a lot from the context you provide, so the more details you provide to it, the more accurate it is.

Can chat GPT design and program websites ?

The short answer to this question is NO. But def chat gpt can give you a good insight on a solid starting point when you want to develop a site or something simple like a wordpress blog. It also can give you some pieces of code, but thats a thing that even the junior developers can do. So in theory it can do it, but in practice you need a wordpress developer and a web designer to be able to create an actual website. Through a real developer you can be sure it will be a successful website.

On another note the fact about chat gpt build a website command, its quite awesome, but it will only give you some boilerplate code, which a programmer can use to start work faster.

Can Chat GPT make developers obsolete ?

Of course not. Developers and web designers will not be obsolete any time soon. Although it can give you a good starting point on your website or your custom wordpress theme. But from there and putting things into production its a long way. And without a skilled developer or a team of expert developers you will not make the customer happy.

Of course at the time of writing this article chat gpt 3 is out, and they are talking about v4 to be out very soon. We do not know what that new version will have in state for us. And we do not know either if this will be free or paid in the future. But even so, at sitemile web design agency we do not think that chat gpt will make developers obsolete any time soon. Of course we are glad that this tool exists for helping here in there for the ones that run out of ideas.

Can chat gpt design a logo

Right now chat gpt has only written text, so it cannot create a logo but maybe soon they will release a version that does random logos for companies. Or just a starting point for a designer and it is a valuable tool. So user feedback is also important when talking to it.

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