When it comes to a marketplace website, you immediately think of eBay or Amazon. This are multi-vendor marketplaces websites. In this article we will cover the possibility to create a multi-vendor marketplace with WordPress. We want to do that because the wordpress cms is very easy to use and on top of all, its totally free. And that leaves the cost to be just for the theme or multi vendor theme that you will be using.

Is wordpress a good idea for a multi vendor marketplace site ?

That is a very good question, and the answer is Yes. WordPress is suited for these kinds of things as well. We have a few themes that allow you to create all kinds of multi vendor marketplaces. Like a job marketplace, or a service marketplace. The themes that use these are the jobminer theme that offers you a job marketplace, and the pricerr theme that offer you a service marketplace.

Since long time ago wordpress allows creating multi seller marketplaces because there are themes that offer this. Specially the ones based on Woocommerce, like we have our wordpress auction theme, which also is multi vendor type of wp theme.

What are some good wordpress themes for a multi-vendor marketplace website ?

As said, we do offer a few themes for this purpose, some of them even support woocommerce. That makes them multi-vendor woocommerce themes. We really think they are the best marketplace themes for wordpress.

Multi vendor woocommerce themes, like the WordPress Auction Theme that we offer are great for launching this type of marketplace website. And its the perfect theme to create a woocommerce marketplace. The amazing feature that it has, like themed dashboards for seller and user, form builder, page builder and tons of monetisation tools, makes it the perfect fit.


We also have written a more in dept article about marketplace themes too. In that article we have detailed what to look for in a marketplace theme, what types of features you will need for your multiple vendors. Because you will need a separate dashboard for each seller, where they can control their sales. And the finances section for each seller, where they can see their earnings and sales. And if you are looking for marketplace wordpress themes then this is the place to stop, and buy these marketplace wp themes.



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