How to create an online marketplace

You are probably here because you want to create an online marketplace website. Either you are using shopify or sharetribe, or other software, you are in the right place. We will try to explain you what are the steps on creating an online marketplace site (or more recent, an nft marketplace or b2b marketplace). And you can also read more about online marketplaces here. You expect to achieve all these if you want to sell products online, or want to create an ecommerce marketplace like amazon. Where buyers and sellers meet and sell and buy their products.

What is the cost to build an online marketplace

Usually the cost differs from solutions you choose. So if you go with a hosted solution, you will pay a monthly subscription fee. Among other disadvantages, you will also not own your own site and database. In this case the prices vary from 20-50$ USD a month.

But better choose a non hosted solution, like a wordpress theme or a php script or even a bespoke software development. If you go the wordpress route you can check the best marketplace themes here. This can help you create a unique seller, or a multi seller marketplace, like etsy or amazon. Or even a b2b marketplace or b2c.

How to launch an online marketplace website ?

You will see that launching a such site is extremely easy if you go with the wordpress theme path and you can see a more detailed tutorial about launching it here.

Cost to build a website like eBay

The costs to build a marketplace website like ebay, or etsy can vary a lot. It can start from a few hundred dollars or a few thousand dollars, up to 20-50.000$ or even more if the site is really complex. You can find more information about launching a website like ebay here. This is also valid for a b2b marketplace website, or a b2c marketplace site.

As a plus there is also another guide on launching a marketplace website or a website like ebay. Reading all these guides will give you a more clear picture about what path you need to take. And we really think that going with a non hosted solution is the best choice for any serious project.


Creating an online marketplace website is a very complex job, but if you choose the correct tools and path you could be starting in no time. For further reading you can also find more information in this multi vendor marketplace websites article. Better try with a wordpress theme like our auction theme, which is far superior to mayosis theme.

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