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All about marketplace themes and websites


Hey guys, in this article we will talk about all marketplace themes and websites, and how to design the perfect marketplace theme. And we will also see what options will a marketplace website have. Because these days pretty much every … Continue reading

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How to launch a marketplace on WordPress


Hey guys! Seems if you are here you are in the need of a wordpress marketplace theme. We are going to debate here on how to launch a marketplace on wordpress. And explain how you can launch a marketplace website … Continue reading

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WordPress Developer Chicago


We are continuing our WordPress Developer saga with another city: Chicago. We want to see what kind of wordpress developer chicago services we can offer for you. As you know we are a wordpress website development agency and we serve … Continue reading

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How to create a website like upwork with a freelancer WordPress theme


When we are talking about freelancer directories, we have a few names in mind. Through which one of them is upwork. In this article we will explain how to create a website like upwork using a freelancer wordpress theme. And … Continue reading

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Best Multi-Vendor WordPress Theme for Marketplaces in 2022


You are here probably because you want to create a multi vendor marketplace website. Well, this article will show you which is the best multi-vendor wordpress theme for marketplaces in 2022 and beyond. Multi vendor websites are created with one … Continue reading

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How to create a website like Fiverr using WordPress in 2022 ?


Before the pandemic, the popularity of services websites like Fiverr, guru,, and other sites like that was high , but this has grown over the pandemic even more. The amount of business these companies make has increased a … Continue reading

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A Guide to WordPress Auctions- How to Create, Publish and Promote Your Items for Sale


Starting a new ecommerce business can be an expensive and time-consuming endeavor. While there are a variety of ways to sell your goods online without having to pay an inventory cost, starting an ecommerce business from scratch can be difficult … Continue reading

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WordPress Microjob Theme update – pricerr version


Hello guys we have released another update for our loved microjobs theme, pricerr theme, after a period where we have released several smaller updates. The last few updates we did for this theme, bring up a lot of optimizations, and … Continue reading

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Microjob Pricerr theme use case: instagram and youtube influencers marketplace setup


hello guys, today we are presenting a use case for our microjob pricerr theme that we custom made for a customer of ours. Its about creating a marketplace for instagram influencers, where users/influencers can post their services to attract companies … Continue reading

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Taskerdev Job Marketplace Theme Launched v1.1


Hello guys, We are proud to finally launch our long awaited theme, the Taskerdev Theme for wordpress, the job marketplace theme. This is the only theme that offers you a job marketplace in your website. People post chores that they … Continue reading

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