Hey guys, when it comes to wordpress projects, you have many possibilities. Either buy a theme or a plugin and work with it as out of the box, or hire a wordpress development company and do a custom wordpress project. If in the first case the cost is pretty much known, in the latter there are a lot of variables. And usually you would want to know a rough estimate on hiring a wordpress developer from a real wordpress development company. We have written more about choosing the best wordpress development agency. And if you want a price quote for a custom wordpress project, you can get a quote here.

Rates when hiring a wordpress developer will vary from 30$ per hour for the lowest quality agencies, to even 120$ hr for the highest quality agencies. But the average ballpark is around 55-65$ per hour for a good service for wordpress development.

WordPress design and development

There are two aspects here: one is wordpress design, which can be only visual, and wordpress development, which includes custom programming and coding. The harder to do and the most costly is the actual programming part. Because that involves a lot of knowledge and requires a good wordpress developer or a freelancer. And one that knows what he is doing. If you want to hire wordpress developers then you need to choose a good agency, and one with experience, doing this for long time.

Since wordpress development firms mostly do work with out of the box plugins, you will need to find a very experienced one to do actual coding from scratch. For example our agency does very advanced things and can do code from scratch.

If you are looking for a good and reliable team for WordPress development service then our team is the perfect choice for small and medium businesses. Web agencies usually have a process of giving you a price quote, and it involves a lot of analysing the amount of time that needs to be spend to create your site.

White label web design

Our company can deliver white label web design and wordpress development. That means we can start even from scratch any type of wordpress custom projects. Our top wordpress experts and developers can do wonders from nothing. Any idea can be put into work with the right wordpress freelancer experience. White label development services that our wordpress agency offers are one of the best in the industry. Because we are on the market since 2012. Get a price quote today for your white label wordpress development needs. Get the jaw dropping wordpress website development agency quality today!

WordPress Design Company

When you are searching for cost to hire a wordpress developer, you need to look for a good wordpress design company and ask for a price quote. Because the cost will very much depend on the type of work and the needs you will have. Prices can range from 500-10,000$ for a website, so the agency really needs to know the whole project. Thats why do not hesitate to get a free price quote from us. Get the best wordpress agency services and wordpress web development agency. Find out what is a wordpress development agency.

Using wordpress in web development

The main question is if its worth to use wordpress in web development , and the answer is yes, of course. That is because wordpress is a free cms and on top of that is open source. You can find a lot of resources that are either free or paid, and there are a ton of wordpress freelancers and developers that are ready to help you.

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