Lets face it, you are here because you are looking for a service marketplace wordpress theme. Something like a micro job wordpress theme. And you should be glad because you are in the right spot. With our fiverr clone, pricerr theme you will be able to do all these. And even much more. Read below the rest of the article to find out the best fiverr clone you can release with this theme. Amazing prices even for the discount campaigns we have in each period of the year. This also to not be confused with upwork clone wordpress theme. Which that is a totally different thing.

wordpress fiverr

Another alternative would be to have a fiverr wordpress plugin which is very similar in functions to our pricerr theme. And you can read a more comprehensive guide about fiverr clones. And along with these if you are here for a freelance marketplace wordpress theme then do not hesitate to check out the freelancer theme and buy it today.

And even launching a marketplace website in the traditional way is easy to do with the help of wordpress. Check this marketplace article out.

With our website template like fiverr you will be able to get your own multi seller marketplace for services and even for physical goods in no time. And start making money out of commissions.

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