Web design is a series of techniques applied by a web designer to create an internet web site. Though various processes a web designer will write code, and manipulate images, to obtain a static (html) or a dynamic website (e-commerce or marketplace).

what is web design

What does a web designer do ?

A web designer plans, designs and implements a web page of an internet website. He uses a series of tools, like design tools (figma, adobe xd) for prototype and a series of web programming languages like html and css. And he also combines pictures, videos, and audio to create the best web page experience for the customers. He is also responsible for creating and implementing the layout of the web pages. And usually a web designer can be a freelancer or work in an online web agency. You can check and find out more about what a web agency is.

Do web designers do code ?

Yes, definitely web designers do code because you need at least html and css code in order to create even the most basic web page. But usually web designers are similar to web programmers which need to know even more programming languages, like php for a dynamic website, and mysql for the database system. And there are other ways of creating a website, with fancy back-end technology (java, node , python) and fancy front-end frameworks like react js, angular, vue js.

Can I teach myself web design ?

You can teach yourself anything if you have enough power of will. But usually learning web design and a programming language, and also a scripting language will require months or even years. And we all assume you want to do a professional website, then its better to start learning it as a hobby and have your online business’s website done by a web design agency. We do offer those kind of professional web design services. You can request a price quote there if you wish.

Looking for a web design agency ?

If you are looking for a web design agency to build your website, then you are in luck. Our web design company offers web development and app development services.  You can get a glimpse of what we are doing regarding wordpress web design and regular custom web design. We focus a lot on simple websites, but also our speciality is marketplace, ecommerce and big websites like portals (e-learning, auction, classified ads). Additionally we do mobile app development and we can do iOS and Android apps. Our skilled app developers are here to help your project.

We offer services for various locations around the world, as we have had customers from all 5 continents. Offering services for businesses located in: Perth, Sydney NSW, Melbourne, London, Manchester, Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary Alberta, Los Angeles.

Also we support UK businesses, and we can offer services for business located in London, Birmingham, Leeds, Bradford.

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