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What is the difference between wordpress vs WIX


WordPress and Wix are both popular website building platforms, but they have some key differences here and there which make them totally opposite solutions. For example if you want to create an auction website or any kind of marketplace website … Continue reading

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Where can I get an Auction plugin for Wix


If you are looking to build an online auction website, you probably heard of wix. Or even square space as a website builder solution. But the thing is that they will not allow you to do whatever you want. So … Continue reading

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Can you do auctions on Wix?


If you are looking for wix auction, the short answer to this question is NO, and we will explain why you cannot do auctions on wix, and what other options you have. We will show you how to do an … Continue reading

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WIX vs WordPress : Which is better for your business ?


Back in the old days, creating a website was a difficult task. The first cms that came to the rescue was WordPress, which is open source. But later we had an explosion of services like WIX. This is where we … Continue reading

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