When it comes to an online auction or silent auction, you can either have an online auction website or better an auction app. This will ensure your auction will run on computers, laptops, tablets, mobile phones. Basically the cloud will be synced between devices and give you the online auction functionality on every device.

You are probably looking to move your fundraising events to online, so more people can participate. Not to mention that when the system is online, you will be able to send out invites very easy through social media and email. This will attract a lot of bids from people that were harder to be reached when in person. And all in real time and online, using for raising money.

We are proposing a cheap solution and a hosted solution, in the form of a wordpress auction theme. For the average buyer and business owner, the fact that is based on wordpress, doesnt matter at all. The auction software looks and behaves just like any other auction website or auction app. Plus we do offer the app in the entrepreneur version. Check the pricing list here. You can read the article about wordpress and launching an auction site if you want to learn more. Plus these auction platforms come with escrow feature too and they can be used as reverse auction.

What is the difference between this solution and others ?

Most premade auction solutions out there let you use their cloud based auction system, but there is a twist there. They will own all your customer base and everything your site has. Because it runs on their server, you will also be restricted on changing and improving the features of the website or the auction app. Also these guys will charge you a commission on each sale you make on your auction app. The auction experience cant be easier than using this auction fundraising software.

auction theme

Our wordpress theme solution proposes a way where you own your website, and own your mobile auction app. You will not depend on any other third party, and we do not take any commission out of your sales. There will no be any better solution for this other than our wordpress auction theme. And as a bonus among other features, you can even have a real estate auction type of platform.

A little more about the silent auction app

Our wordpress theme has many other features, like bid options, auction items and mobile bidding. And also the web design is responsive and works well on any mobile device. Auction events also are triggered too in the silent auction software. And on top of that it has live auction too. So the fundraising tools can be also added. You will see more information about purchase in our pricing page.

And during the software development we can do, we can do push notifications and event management for this software after we install in your site.

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