When it comes to quotes website we immediately think of task websites, like taskrabbit, or airtasker. These type of websites are usually build using a template for quotes or a quotes script. You usually buy a template or theme that has this functionality. We will explain what is the needed functionality to build a quotes website and what template you can use for this. Also a quote website is very similar to a reverse auction website or a tender website. Some things about this can be found here.

template for quotes

What is a quotes website ?

A quotes website is more like a service type of web app, where customers post their request or task, and other people post quotes to solve or do that work. Then the customer would choose the one they like and proceed with the work. In that case after finishing the work, the customer will give you a rating to the service provider. This will help the worker get the next job, as he will have a good rating. In this case he will build trust over time, and get more and more jobs from customers. It is like any freelance php script.

Usually these kind of websites have an internal escrow or payment system. In this system, the money isnt released until the work is done. If the customer is happy, he will release the funds to the service provider. During this process the platform will take commissions , and creating revenue for the platform owner.

What template for quotes should I use ?

When it comes to the actual piece of software to use, you have many choices. You can use a standalone script, but thats harder to install and its more expensive. Another approach is using wordpress based template. A template is very similar to a theme, which is a more popular term in wordpress community. So, a theme that has this functionality, is the project freelancer theme marketplace. This template will let you build a quote website. This will solve the problem of what to use in the case of template for quotes.

So the freelancer website template we are offering, called the freelancer marketplace theme will be the best option for you. And you can even develop websites like upwork or bark like website.

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