When you are trying to run an auction auction you have to consider a few things: like getting the products ready, getting the stock ready and setting up the starting prices for each. There are so many free online auction sites out there, like ebay and others alike. But the problem with those is they do not allow your own rules. And what if you want to allow a multi seller type of auction. Then the solution is to have your own online auction website. And these days is quite easy with php auction software, like our wordpress auction theme

Download the auction template

Can I build an online silent auction ?

Yes the software also allows you to build an online silent auction and that is also very easy to do with the features that it comes with. So thats no issue when you want your lot auctions to be silent. That means the bids will not be disclosed to the other buyers. And this means you can launch your very own online silent auction platform.

Can I do a charity auction ?

Yes, this auction software, allows you do a free charity auction, or simply a charity auction because it comes with these features as well. Thus you have a lot of advantages when getting our auction theme and you will not find a use case that this cannot cover. Weather you want to gather funds, or you have a non-profit that wants to do an auction, this is the perfect solution. And this will help you create a bidding website.

Bottom line is, this software is perfect for any online auction case, either free or paid, and if you want to find out more about this subject, you can also read this article.

Can I run auctions on wix or shopify ?

Well, the question is a bit tricky, but the short answer is NO, you cannot run auctions on wix or shopify. This is because you do not have flexibility, and they are hosted systems. We have written a very detailed article about hosting auctions on wix.

Open source auction script

The auction script is also very often called auctioneer script, and they also are associated with the php type of script. There would be a possibility to use an auction script, or an open source auction script. And we have written an article about the best auction script. So you can better understand what kind of auction this is, like an auctioneer chant script or something like that. And they also support multi vendor auction type script.

Read more here about the auction software.

How to do auctions on wordpress

If you would want to start an auction and use wordpress, then you are in luck. Its totally possible, and thats what we do the best. Having an auction plugin or an auction theme is what we do. If you want to find out more about auctions on wordpress then you are in luck again.

What is the best auction script template ?

Using a wordpress theme for hosting your auction site is the easiest and an excellent thing you can do. This is because you will be up and running in just a few minutes. When it comes to themes, you immediately think of auction template and this can be either a free auction template, or a paid one. Plus they even allow reverse auctions.

So if you want to make your own auction website then do not hesitate to check out our template.


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