The answer is absolutely yes. Since the release of wordpress people have tried to create all kinds of websites including live auction websites. Also since woocommerce is so popular, many power users want to do auctions on it. Basically that means they want to run an auction website on a wordpress website, but also want to integrate woocommerce. This is possible either with a woocommerce auction theme or a woocommerce auction plugin.

What is woocommerce ?

Woocommerce is a very popular wordpress plugin which will transform your website using wordpress from a simple blog to a fully featured e-commerce website. And specially when you use an woocommerce theme your site will be really awesome. Because these days the popularity of woocommerce has risen a lot and many compare it all the time with Shopify as they compare wordpress vs WIX.

Also woocommerce is open source and a great ecommerce platform for everybody. You just need a hosting account and a domain name, and you are set to go. Of course there are premium woocommerce themes available with various functionality, like multi seller and marketplace features. But right now we are trying to explain the woocommerce and auctions features.

wordpress woocommerce auction

Is it easy to do auctions on Woocommerce ?

Everything you do with wordpress and woocommerce is meant to be easy. It usually takes a regular user a few minutes to install wordpress and woocommerce, but it can take a few good hours to setup an auction woocommerce website. Still thats way less than having a php auction script built and setup from scratch. And if you are on a budget or simply want to start an MVP, go with the wordpress and woocommerce combination for your online auction website. And also this works with subscription woocommerce.


Creating an auction website is simple with wordpress and woocommerce. And the answer is yes, you can do auctions on woocommerce. Plus if you choose the correct tools, you will have an easy time with your brand new auction website. Just choose wordpress auction theme or the auction plugin, as they both support woocommerce and you will not regret it. Giving that, we hope you will enjoy them, and our support will be here to stand by you no matter what issue you encounter.

If you want to have a custom auction website build, or premium wordpress work done, you can simply outsource to us. We can offer custom work services. Prices start at 99$. Request a free price quote here.
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