You are probably reading this article because you want to build a website, and you have heard about WordPress. And you have heard about it because is so super popular. Right ? Yes indeed! WordPress is very popular and powers over 35% of the websites in the world. And you might think, why is that because WordPress is just for building a blog , right ? Well yes, its perfect for building blogs, but also is perfect for anything else.

Building a website with WordPress

Building a website on WordPress offers numerous benefits, making it a popular choice for many businesses and individuals. One of the primary advantages is its user-friendly nature. Even without extensive technical knowledge, you can create and manage a professional-looking website. WordPress provides a wide range of themes and plugins, allowing for extensive customization and functionality. This flexibility enables you to create anything from a simple blog to a full-featured e-commerce site.

Moreover, WordPress is known for its robust SEO capabilities. It comes with several SEO-friendly features that can help your website rank higher in search engine results. The platform is also highly scalable, meaning it can handle the growing needs of your website as your business expands. With its active community of developers and users, you can always find support and updates, ensuring your website remains secure and up-to-date. These benefits make WordPress an excellent choice for building a website.

Benefits of wordpress

How is that you might wonder ? Well, WordPress is an open source CMS (content management system) which is free and has a php open source structure. That makes it perfect for developing some amazing things with it. Basically your imagination is the limit of what can be built with WordPress. We have used it to build big portals, web applications, simple websites, blogs, auction sites, marketplace websites and so many others. We have even launched commercial WordPress themes and we are selling them.

Anyway, so in order to create a WordPress website you will need some knowledge or just hire a WordPress agency. And the latter is preferred when you just want to focus on your business development rather than filing around with code, servers, hosting and stuff like that. And what better way to get this done than a digital agency. So you need to find the best WordPress agency UK right ? Because a website creation agency would be the best fit for this type of project.

SEO And wordpress

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and WordPress have a symbiotic relationship in the world of website development. WordPress, a popular Content Management System (CMS), offers inherent advantages for SEO. Its clean, structured code results in web pages that are easily understood by search engines, facilitating efficient crawling and indexing. WordPress’s user-friendly interface empowers website owners to optimize their content with relevant keywords, meta tags, and descriptions.

One of WordPress’s standout features is its ability to create and manage high-quality, engaging content. Consistently producing valuable and relevant content is a cornerstone of effective SEO. WordPress simplifies this task with features like blogging capabilities, categories, and tags, making it convenient to update sites with fresh, SEO-friendly content. Additionally, its extensive library of SEO plugins streamlines tasks such as creating XML sitemaps, optimizing images, and enhancing site speed – all contributing factors to improved search engine rankings. Nevertheless, while WordPress forms a robust foundation for SEO, achieving remarkable results demands comprehensive keyword research, a well-rounded backlink strategy, and a holistic approach to website performance and user experience. By harnessing WordPress’s capabilities alongside a robust SEO strategy, website owners can bolster online visibility, attract organic traffic, and attain their online objectives.

Benefits of Working with a London WordPress Agency

When working with WordPress, you can either use a prebuilt template or head to a custom WordPress development. And that includes WordPress theme development along with WordPress plugin development. Because you will need extensive programming for a custom web design project, you for sure will need to hire a web design agency. And what better solution, than a WordPress agency , of course. Because they will have the right expert developers but also solutions for WordPress maintenance and support. And we at sitemile, we have the right expertise to do an amazing job and cost savings.

So the main benefit would be that a local agency can have the local market knowledge, and understand the market that your business will be in. And of course that helps focusing on SEO better and on content strategy. So with this you also get access to a talented pool of developers and designers. You can check the main SEO services an agency should offer.

And of course, convenience and ease of communication which is a big plus for having your project needs perfectly understood. Other advantages are Face-to-face meetings, Tailored solutions, Skilled developers and Customer support. Read more about web design in the UK here.

Services Offered by London WordPress Agencies

Within the range of services offered by a WordPress agency, we can distinguish:

Custom WordPress Development

When you have a WordPress agency, they can create a custom WordPress website that is tailored to the specific needs of the client’s project. And this often include: custom WordPress themes, plugins, and functionality. And of course working with a lot of woocommerce variations and why not working with a complete bespoke website. And you can even create an auction site with WordPress if you can believe it.

When creating a new custom website even with WordPress, you will need some help from a web development agency London and a WordPress developer.

WordPress Theme Development

Of course a WordPress agency can do a lot of theme development and create themes from scratch, or just work with existing themes to build a tailored solution for their customers. Top WordPress agencies will tackle any type of project no matter the level of complexity. Thats how sitemile agency is of course.

WordPress Plugin Development

The same goes for plugin development. That is because themes and plugins are very similar, and you can obtain same functionality. But the good thing with plugins is that, an agency can create a custom plugin and have that used with a theme from another vendor. Find more about our wordpress agency London services.

WordPress Website Optimization

A WordPress agency can optimize a website for performance, speed, and search engine rankings. This can include on-page optimization, SEO page audits, content writing, website structure, and website speed optimization.

WordPress Website Audit and Consulting

A WordPress agency can perform a website audit. And that helps them to identify areas for improvement. Plus they can provide consulting services to help clients optimize their website and achieve their business goals.

SEO agency London

Do not forget that you will need SEO done on your website too. So each web page must be SEO optimized and speed optimized. So if you look for a wp agency london, then just get one that does SEO too. We at sitemile , do SEO as well for our customers. Get in the first page, and rank the best for your keywords. And all that tied together with web development agency London services.

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