Hello there! In this article we will talk about web development services. So the most common web development services include professional web design, website development and maintenance, e-commerce web design, CMS like wordpress, mobile app development, custom web programming, or bespoke website. And these services are usually provided by a web development studio. Or even a team of professional web developers. They help online businesses to keep a notable online presence, and build apps and websites for their businesses purpose.

The sitemile web development agency offers bespoke website, and bespoke software services. Our full-cycle custom web development company is the perfect choice for small and medium businesses that want a custom developed mobile or web app, or just a simple website. Our digital agency is the best for the job.

web development services

What services can a web developer do?

A web developer can provide a wide range of development services. And these include: web design and layout, front-end development (javascript, html), back-end development which includes PHP , Python, Nodejs and others, e-commerce development for creating online stores and shopping carts, mobile app development. Aisde those they can also do database development, search engine optimisation (seo) and last but not least: testing and quality assurance (QA). If you want to learn more about our web development agency, then do not hesitate to contact us.

What are the 3 roles of a web developer?

A good web developer is often called a full-stack developer, and that because he can handle all areas of developing a website or an app. And that includes having front-end development skills, where he can build user interface, user experience, and accessibility. Secondly they should be a very good back-end developer where they develop and implement server-side aspects of a website or web application. And that includes setting and designing the architecture of the database, building APIs and server-side scripts. And the last role they need to have is designing the architecture in general, and know how to work on any level. If you need a web development company you can contact us and get a free price quote.

Is Python OK for web development?

Yes, Python is a very good web development language, and you can build amazing web apps and backends with it. And python is very often used to build restful APIs for various web apps or even for mobile apps. Plus python web development is very popular among start-ups and other enterprise companies. And if you need a full-stack python developer, or need some web development company or app development services, do not hesitate to contact us.

How much does it cost to hire a web developer UK?

If you are looking to hire a freelance web developer then the costs are around GBP 30 per hour. But if you are looking to hire a small web agency then prices gravitate around GBP 50 per hour. Ultimately for a big agency the cost could be around GBP50-100 per hour. So these prices apply to web app development and mobile app development. Learn more about web design London UK. Our agency is the best place to hire web developers. Find a web designer today and start working on your project.

Can WordPress programming can be considered web development ?

Yes, of course it can be and it is web development. That is because WordPress itself is a framework written in PHP with html/css and javascript. That is very similar to many other frameworks like magento, laravel, cake PHP and so on. In fact you can learn more about WordPress web development and what is a WordPress agency in general. Because here at sitemile we are a WordPress agency too, programming custom themes and plugins.

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