Building a website isnt easy on your mental health or your wallet, that’s why is important to know the true price of building a website for your business. Find out what is the cost you have to pay. Find out about web design pricing in general but also costs of website building for Calgary. And the article offers some insights about mobile app development too.

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Calgary web design prices

Getting to find out how much will cost to build your website is very important when you start an online business. Because that is the base of your spending on developing the technical solution for your e-commerce or brochure or organization website. Find out in this article how much you will have to pay a web design agency to build your website. In this post we will have a detailed overview of Calgary web design prices.

How Much Do Web Design Services Cost in Calgary?

Web design services cost in Calgary, is somewhere between $1500 and $10,000 or even more depending on the type of website or website implementation that is needed. And the best way to get to find out the cost for web design services is to contact a web design agency and ask for a price quote based on your desired website features and model.

Basic Web Design ($1500-$3000)

A basic website is something that a small business or a small company will use for its presentation website. And this will cost somewhere between $1500 and $3000 and usually is made up of 10-15 pages with a few features like a contact us page, or a small shopping cart. This is easily a brochure site or something to increase your online presence.

Average Web Design Costs ($2000 – $4000)

An average website can be a more upscale small e-commerce website, or a classified ads website, auction website or something like that. That usually costs around $2000-4000 and it means the effort for the web designer is a big higher than a brochure website. And on top of this you will need to invest something in SEO, content creation, marketing.

Commercial Web Design

This type of web design is even more upscale and is usually priced around $5000 and $15,000 and it consists on creating custom and unique functionality. Maybe a social network type of website, combined with some e-commerce and marketplace functionality, or some special payment gateways or anything like that. These types of websites are the money makers, because their either bring sales, or they bring new leads for the business.

Enterprise Web Design

These types of websites are formed by hundreds or thousands of pages and they require features that are built from scratch with custom web development. Usually these types of websites will require a team of website maintenance to take care of them all the time.  And these types of websites need a lot of attention when it comes to scalability, security and conversions. Because they get hundreds of millions of visitors, they need special server infrastructure like load balancers, and a great web app architecture. As a cost they can go from $15,000 and upwards.

eCommerce Web Design

For an e-commerce website the average price is around $5,000-6,000 and they are the most popular types of websites out there. These sites usually run with WordPress and woocommerce, or oscart or other e-commerce framework. Even shopify is a good alternative when it comes to building an e-commerce website.

What are the factors That Influence Web Design Costs in Calgary

When developing a professional website by a web development team, there are a number of factors that influence the price for that type of work. So a web design agency will calculate all the factors that impact the web development process, and calculate the amount of hours needed to build your custom website. So in this analysis we can identify these factors:

Web Development Time

When a web design company builds your website, they will need several days, or weeks or even months to build up a complete website. And this can mean tens or even hundreds of hours working on a web development project. So that translates into man hours for their web programmers and web designers. And even the most basic WordPress website setup will take a decent amount of hours. Because that will not look nice out of the box.

So developing something unique in your niche, or for your business model usually takes on average 1-2 months of work. And usually it requires 1 or more people in the team to do something spectacular. So hire a web agency for this one.

Number of pages for the website

The overall functionality of your website reflects in the number of pages that your website will have. The more complex the website it is, the increased number of pages it has. If the number of pages is high then your development time and cost will increase. So that is why is very important for the customer to know the exact features he wants for the site. That way the web developer expert can determine the number of pages the website will have.

Website migration

Usually on website redesign projects the customer will want to migrate his old website or old website data into the new website. And that adds complexity to the project of course. So if you are looking to upgrade your website, and you have an e-commerce website with thousands of pages, then you will need to pay a bit more for the whole project.

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eCommerce Functionality

A lot of the websites in the online space are based on an e-commerce idea. Every website of this kind will reunite sellers and buyers in some sort of e-commerce platform. And that is more complex to be programmed than a 10 page simple website. Because usually e-commerce websites are more complex and they have features like: tax management, invoice generation feature, inventory control and management system, shipping solutions and shopping carts. Something like etsy or amazon will require budgets of over $10-15.000 to make.

Server Hosting (Website Hosting)

Each website that is developed and needs to be presented to the world will need a hosting space. And that increases the costs based on the server that it needs. Because websites with thousands of visitors per day will require a better and bigger hosting server than a simple presentation page. That is why server hosting is an important factor that increases the developing costs for your website.

Website Maintenance

When it comes to website maintenance, things are more intricate as web developers cannot predict the amount of hours needed for maintenance. Usually, they will give you a flat rate of maybe $500-600 a month. But that will depend on the things you need to have done , fixed or added features.

Content Management System (cms)

Each serious website will need a cms and the most common cms that is used out there is WordPress. That is extremely popular and easy to use, and very good for SEO. But not all the time you can use it for your website. Sometimes for more complex websites you will need to have a headless cms, something done with react, and node and other technologies. Thats why those web development projects will cost more.

calgary alberta web designer

Average Web Design Prices in Calgary

To get a correct price for your website or web development project, you will need to know exactly what you need. After that you can reach a web design agency and get a price quote. That is how you can obtain prices for web design Calgary. But we can identify a few tiers of pricing based on the type of web design:

  • a landing page web design will cost around $450 – $900
  • a basic website will cost around $1500 – $2500
  • an average website design will be around $3500
  • an e-commerce web design will cost around $5000
  • finally a custom web design and enterprise level website will be over $10.000

If you think these prices for web design are affordable for your needs, and you need these services for your Calgary based business, please check our web design agency services.

What are Calgary’s Average Website Prices?

The average website price would be from 3000$ to $10,000 and will vary based on a number of features that the website needs or doesn’t. For example the price for a website that is formed just from a landing page and a contact form will be lower than an e-commerce website. As well as small business website will be cheaper than a software or web application.

The Average Price for a Budget Landing Page

A budget landing page provides a clear and professional way to interact with your potential customers. That will open up the door to many online sales, and thus making money online. So a budget landing page price would be around $500-600 and it can be obtained with a cms and a well crafted design. Along side it will contain a contact form and contact information for your business.

The Average Price for Software/Web Application

When it comes to complex websites or even more web applications, the things get more complicated and the costs are higher. Because of the more complex functionality the average price for a web application will be a few times higher than a regular website. That is why you need a professional web agency to develop your web application. Sitemile web agency does mobile apps and web apps development and you can easily contact us for a free price quote or consultation. Someone in our team will sit down and have a video call with you explaining everything and deciding the budget for your app. Here are some examples of custom software based web development projects:

  • Marketplace Web Application $10,000
  • Digital product with subscription application $5,500
  • Restricted content membership website $7,000+ (more if includes video)
  • eCommerce Website $8,000
  • Real estate or travel website $8,500
  • Mobile App Development (ios and android) $15,000+

How much does it cost to build a website in Calgary?

A website will typically cost to develop starting from $1500 to 3000$ but this cost can easily go up if the website is e-commerce based or even more. Because enterprise type of websites will cost from $5000 up to even $20,000. So its all based on the type of website that needs to be implemented. Read more about website building cost.

How much does a web designer cost in Canada?

A web designer in Canada will cost around $1,500 to $10,000 to build a website or a web app. But these prices are very much dependant on the type of project or website that you want to have built. Usually you decide what you want to build and contact a web development agency, and they will give you a price quote. And they also put you in contact with their team of web designers. And if your business need some web development services, check web designer services Calgary.

Average cost of website design for small business

The average cost of building a website for a small business is around $2,000 and $5,000. But the web design packages would vary pretty much based on what your website will be about. So its better to contact a web design agency and get a free price quote.


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